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    Share your results with MagicSubmitters after Pinguin. Best practices?

    I haven't done black hat for a while now and wonder what changed in the world after the Pinguin. From all I know a lot of sites were hit with negative links penalty. I got a Magi Submitter and would like to hear about the best practices around using it after Panda + Pinguin. I definitely won't...
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    What video submission site to choose?

    Guys, I am contemplating following choices: -Senuke -Magic Submitter - Traffic Geyser I need to choose something that: - is very easy to use - saves me more time - have more places to submit videos AND web 2.0 articles - have an easy (manual) spinner for titles and description etc... - ideally...
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    Auto-search for open Video-Responses on Youtube

    Guys, opening high traffic videos on youtube just to see that their video responses are closed is pain in an ass. Is there any footprint that allows to locate videos with open video reactions?
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    Soft to convert Power Point files into video

    Guys, I tried to use Jing, but after saving the file it always has this youtube like "play" light-box over the presentation. Are there any free / cracked software to do it? I downloaded few on cnet to try, both don't pass VirusTotal - more than 3 warnings on each. Any advise?
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    How to create an event in Facebook group of others

    How to create an event in Facebook group of others, if you don't have an admin access to it? Any tricks that make it possible? Or is it obvious functionality that I am missing?
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    Current script to invite ALL FRIENDS for Facebook events?

    Hi guys, my old script is not working any longer as Facbook changed things... What is the most current javascript to invite ALL FRIENDS for Facebook events?
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    Synchronizing & managing mailing lists for events

    Hey guys, I don't do too mach of email marketing and need some better process. My lists are scattered between email providers (gmail contact list, yahoo, outlook, Facebook friends, G+ friends etc.). What is the best way to synchronize and segment them? For example, some people on my...
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    Need someone to scrape targeted emails for me

    Need to have format: [email protected] and then extension .ca what is your price for 10,000 verified emails?
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    Software that reads text in loud?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a free / shared soft that "reads". Basically I load some text in it or point to a web page and it ads a voice to the text, so I can learn while doing other things. Anybody know any?
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    Do short URLs reduce risk with Scrapebox?

    Do short URLs reduce risk of the site money being marked as spam when blasting with Scrapebox? The webmaster marked as spam the specified url, they don't do it by landing on your site, right?
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    Need someone to spin my articles for cheap

    Spinning should be done manually and very carefully - to 90-100% uniqueness {spintax to be included, of course). Should read like a top notch article. What is your best price for each 10 articles (500 ish words) and how fast can you get it done? Please don't PM me unless the price is less...
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    Looking for mailing lists. What have you got?

    Interested in anything and everything :-) - What demographics are you lists in? - How many records? - What data is available if more than emails. - If I need more can you get it?
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    VPN or private proxies?

    I have been using proxies for a while now with Scrapebox. I wonder if I can stop subscription and switch to some VPN with 1000+ IPs instead. Can I then stop scraping proxies in Scrapebox and use VPN for both harvesting and posting? What about mass mailing? Does VPN save me from...
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    Script/tools/methods to automate JOB SEARCH

    Hi guys, I want to blast 100,000 resumes for my girlfriend so she finds a better job. How can I automate the whole thing? Is there a way to scrape anything and then mass submit?
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    Locating high PR pages for links and approved/not indexed comments?

    Guys, what do you use to locate high PR pages for blog comments and approved but not indexed yet comments? The problem that I face with Scrapebox is that while it is checking PR of pages (it actually visits them, I believe), therefore it ALWAYS throw some Trojans at my antivirus. And my...
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    Best after- Panda black hat SEO tactics

    Guys, I see that more backlinking I do, more rank I loose or more deindexed pages I have lately. :-) I use scrapebox and my comments are targeted and "semi-intelligent", :-) not obviously spammy I span AMR articles about 50%, some time 80%. I link to internal pages mainly for small...
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    AMR... Some of my backlinks on private blog network seem to be deindexed...?

    Some inner pages from blogs posts that i am feeding from AMR with links to my other sites seem to get deindexed... Only pages are indexed, but none of blog posts. Was 20+ yesterday, only 3 pages indexed today in each of my 10 network blogs. All my previous AMR blasts lead to inner pages, but...
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    How to scrape emails form Outlook

    I have so many emails hitting my mail box. How do i scrape all them to shoot them something back? (yes, i know, many emails will bounce back - doesn't matter). There is some of valid contacts of mine, i just need to create a contact list on autopilot instead of manually add each contact to...
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    What's up with yahoo submitter?

    Anybody tried to submit a URL/site to yahoo lately? In the last 2 days I keep getting an error: "Sorry, Forbidden. You don't have permission to access this URL on this server." Tried to access with HideMyAss but "403 forbidden" is there as well.
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    Anybody used MochaHost?

    Just looking for additional hosting plans to add to my portfolio... Anybody used this guys? Are they any good?