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    Semrush Notice for the Website (Semrush users come the topic pls)

    Hi guys, there is an issue I can't understand - I am -5 IQ now - can you translate it to me, please? '' It is a bad idea to duplicate your title tag content in your first-level header. If your page's <title> and <h1> tags match, the latter may appear over-optimized to search engines. Also...
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    [Blogging Journey] Journey To Passive $1k/month

    Hi to everyone... You know passive income is a great alternative key for saving your ass.. also It's like you bought your house and rented it out... E-commerce and SEO is a future that can't be removed from the world. Therefore I will start blogging to provide monetising from AdSense... (I'm...
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    A question to SEO Specialist on Do Follow and No Follow

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask something about internal linking, I read a few blogs but can't still understand. Therefore I wanted to open a topic... Now, let's say we have a directory website and we are going to write an informative article about Adidas Do I need to do-follow or no-follow...
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    Best theme for blogging

    Hi guys, I want to start a niche blog but i can't decide which theme is suitable for blogging I can get advices... Thanks
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    Bing Webmasters - can you look ?

    Hi to every one, I have a big problem but this is like a ghost.. My website is for almost 4 months and has 67 different posts. ( i am using wordpress) Today, I send the link for crawling but I take this problem '' The reviewed URL is recognized by Bing, but there are some issues preventing...