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    Can i make another BM account while the first has due payments?

    Hello all, I have only one BM account but it has 5 ad accounts and all of them have a total of $200 which I won't pay now, and all the accounts are disabled. I tried to create another BM account but FB refused. Is there any work around to create another one? A member here posted a method...
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    Apps journey to 2k/day within a year

    I read all your journey in over 2 hour and you're awesome man ♥️ What I really learned from you is your flexibility to whatever happens in what you are doing and in your life in general, never stop, I appreciate that. I only have one question, did it ever happen that Google removed a WH app...
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    That post with affiliate marketing tutorial with freebies disappeared

    Hello, Do you remember that generous member who posted a tutorial on how to create a WordPress affiliate blog with freebies?! Obviously, the member got banned and the thread disappeared, but also the pm he sent me with Astra , Elementor add-on and image optimization website licences...
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    Any payment card with US address for AdWords provider

    Hello, I need a CC with US address that works without issues with AdWords. Any trusted and affordable providers, I need it loaded with at least $30, reloadable is a plus. Thanks in advance.
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    How To Get A US Account/Credit/Debit Card For Free,As A Foreigner,Hitch-Free

    The same question, does it provide card usable with AdWords without further problems like suspicious payment??
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    Is Google forgivable when creating a new account after blocked one?

    Thanks for reply, it's AdWords yes, I forgot to mention and can't edit post now. I will go white hat from now, but want to know if they will accept me on board again? I don't have that big budget for a company. Thanks again,
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    Is Google forgivable when creating a new account after blocked one?

    Hello, As the title tells, I got account blocked and need a new one. I changed the credit card number, but will be the same name and address for sure. Is this enough or there any other precautions? Surely thank you ,
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    Question about Elementor

    Hello, I'm just wondering, after designing using Elementor pro or it's add-ons, what happens if I uninstalled them, or exported the designs to a WordPress without them, do the elements shows an error or disappear? I may install only the free Elementor version without add-ons. Thanks in advance,
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    Using cracked Wordpress plugins. Is it safe?

    I found website where you can buy WordPress plugins original files or sometimes licensed., you can get access to all files for $10 per month with free updates Download. Not affiliated with this website, I just bought it yesterday. I first checked fistngerbhw but it's $15 per...
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    Method to detect fake traffic

    But do hotjar record every visitor, or just randomly?
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    Who sells Craigslist ads posting service?

    Hello, Do you know where to find this service? I'm non-US and need some one to post ads for me. Thanks
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    This Shopify News seems interesting !!

    But will FB or Google allow advertising for this?
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    Help is needed

    You can use qtranslate app for Windows, it translates just by marking words, it will help.
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    Ask Me Anything: Web Design Business

    You can search YouTube for Divi or Elementor tutorials. There are some free bootstrap builders and editors. If you want to dive deeper, then start learning CSS in apps like Sololearn, you can find front end courses for free at Microsoft and Udacity and like sites.
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    Ask Me Anything: Web Design Business

    Hello all and thank you for providing such info. My question is, how do you know if a client gonna pay 200, 500, or 1000? Do you negotiate or offer discounts after the initial quote? Thanks in advance
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    [Guide] How to Start an Amazon Niche Site (Or Any Affiliate Site for That Matter) + Giveaways

    Excellent detailed guide, you are awesome man ❤️ Could you send me the Astra license, and shortpixel please? Thanks in advance.
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    The FBI Seized #Jetflicks and #IStreamItAll #domains for Streaming Media Piracy

    "servers and computers in the United States and Canada" Just idiots. is functioning for years now.
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    Starting webdesign/WordPress business, I need some help please!

    @JesterKI Thanks man for your detailed answers❤️
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    Starting webdesign/WordPress business, I need some help please!

    @Billy Batts thanks for being honest. However, I'm talking about reseller hosting for Cpanel accounts and managed VPSs, I have good experience with that. Here is one of the guides talking about how it's better to be niche specific
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    Starting webdesign/WordPress business, I need some help please!

    @malkram thanks again for reply. When I talk about licences, some themes doesn't work without entering the key , and I don't know how to null a theme and ready nulled ones are so risky, I tried myself and got hacked, also will not get updates.