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    Conversion Tracker For Affiliate Sales Page

    Hello, Is there anyone who can guide me how to track conversions in Google Ads for CC submit. I'm promoting Nutra offers & using lander. Visitor click on ads & visit landing page then click on buy button & redirected to aff sales page which i don't own. Is there any tool i can install on my...
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    Keto Offers On Google Ads

    Hello Guys, is there anyone running Diet Offers on Google Ads? I was looking for some top Affiliate Networks (NON SHAVERS) to promote Keto on Google. I will really appreciate if you recommend me some good networks or hook me up to the managers. Thanks :)
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    Pre Approved Payments Issue

    Hello Guys, is there anyone who facing pre approved payments issues while using Paypal as payment method in Google ads? I'm using USA emails + Paypal + US IP but this error is on 6 out 10 accounts. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    Looking For Website Copier / Cloner

    Hello guys, This is my first post here on BHW. I'm looking for a website copier to exactly copy any website from net mostly shopping stores. I wanna use them for Google Ads dummy sites. I saw someone is using cloned sites on Google & doing pretty well. But it's looks like he's not using Ht...