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    I need some ideas.

    Hey guys, I have mastered mass video uploads. I have been using it as a service. Just charging seo's to do uploads for their clients. Making piddly money, maybe $2k so far in the last 2 months. I have been trying to generate calls. For example I have uploaded a HVAC video for "emergency ac...
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    Acquired financial backer, Looking for affiliate investment ideas

    Hello, I am looking for someone that has ideas on which affiliate campaigns to promote, with which methods. I am either looking to hire a consultant or to work with an affiliate manager that can lead me in the right direction as far as what to go after. If you have any other suggestions please...
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    Promoting music video dissaproved by adwords are there other sources?

    Hello I would like to know if there are any networks I can use besides adwords for videos to promote music videos that have What adwords considers "shocking content" which is girls dancing in a strip club, just like every other music video out there. Is there a way to promote these kind of...
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    Justanotherpanel? is it down, was working great

    Hello, just tried out this service, man it was working really good. And it was really fast. Now it just stopped. Really bad timing.
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    Need help, adwords for video ad dissaproved need 10k views

    Hey I am promoting a music video for a client. And adwords has denied the video. Disapproved errorShocking content Read the policy errorAdult content Read the policy Its not even that bad, just some girls dancing around. Is there anyway to get around this. He needs 10k views. But he...
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    Affiliate offers for mass video uploading?Youtube CPA?

    Hi Im looking for some offers to blast on that aren't saturated. I can do 100 videos a day no problem. I need a network that would work good for this. Thanks.
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    Emailing scraped lists??

    Hi, Wanted to know if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have figured out how to scrape leads from a site that would be great with my service. I don't want to violate can spam act. What can I do to mail to this list?
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    Building an auto embed on expired web 2.0s, Mass video uploading Have questions.

    Hello, I have been mastering mass uploading videos for the last year off and on. I have roughly uploaded 1000 videos in the last months. As I only have 5 accounts that I am using right now What I am thinking is to scrape tumblrs, and other web 2.0s that allow embeds, and then add something...
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    Mass Video Uploading, (No Luck For Local Lead Calls)

    Hi, I have uploaded nearly 200 videos today for water damage repair related keywords. I would assume based off of my keyword research that there would have been some calls made by now. I manually checked my rankings as well. I am wanting to know, does anyone have experience doing Pay Per...
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    Woocomm Customization Question?

    Hello, I am working with a business that does consignment. I need to add the same product with multiple sku#'s. I have tried making each product a variable. But that makes no sense on the front end. I need a way to add variables. of the product, and assign them a SKU# I am completely...
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    Amazon Product Video Creation

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to be able to scrape amazon product images, add a nice text to speech and use for amazon affiliates and youtube. Does anyone have any reccomendations on software that does this?
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    IF I could tell you what keywords a video will rank for on google

    Hey everyone, I have mastered a technique to find out what keywords will rank on google search. I am thinking of making it a service, along with my mass video uploader. I am trying to find out if people can find it usefull. Basically the point of it is to be able to run through 100 keywords...
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    Black Friday

    Are there any threads to post vendors black friday deals?
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    How to download your indexed links?

    Hey guys, Ive been looking around for a solution for this. I was injected with chinese spam links. It's been a mess, I have found a chrome plugin to automate the link removal process via google search console, there are over 730k pages indexed. Now I am trying to fix this. Anyone have a solution...
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    5-10 Review Users Wanted For Video Tracker

    Currently, my software allows you to enter a youtube channel and get all the rankings for each keyword in those videos. So there is no manual keyword entry and you can use any channel you want. The software is you can go there and sign up for the free account. The next 10...
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    Ez Video Ranks - Web Based Video Keyword Tracker - No Manual Keyword Entry Needed

    Introducing EZVIDEORANKS.COM A new software released made from a video marketer with an idea to have a fully functional video tracker. This tool was made with mass videos & speed in mind. You can use any channel, and see it's rankings. All you need is the channel URL, you can also add keywords...
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    Manipulating Suggested Keywords?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone provides a gig or method to be able to skew the suggested results of a keyword? I am trying to do a demo to make my name appear for a certain company I do a lot of contractor work for. Another person at the company is showing up there. So I would like to come in...
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    Video Ranking Case Studys (Ideas)

    I want to go after local keywords for a video to land on Google, there is a big interest here. So I was going to go after pest control and HVAC. And possibly sign up with Ring Partner to monetize them, I will start by showing 0 rankings, and zero calls. I think this would really test your...
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    Looking for affiliates

    Hi, I am looking for some affiliates that can target video marketers. The product is on JVzoo, I pay 30% commission. Thats to start if you get alot of sales I will bump it. We are just starting out and need a big push. PM me so I can send you the link for affiliate sign up.
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    Wanted: Rotating proxies, high threads, proxy on demand for scraping

    Hi everyone I am looking for a rotating proxy service from the US. I need to be able to operate with high threads, they need to be rotating, and they need to be replaced on request from the software. Any suggestions, or possibly even another solution to make scraping faster with out proxies...