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    What's your advice regarding YouTube SEO?

    I've gained an interest in developing a YouTube channel and am wondering how much of the SEO knowledge regarding websites/Google can/can't be applied to it. Please let me know if this is the right section for this question or not. For example: What is the best way to evaluate a keyword's...
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    Any truth to this or it's just BS?

    Seems like a topic about is tLD's are important as SEO signals. Just BS I guess? Reddit Link
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    Banned to Google's second page?

    For about a year I was ranking in the first page of google for my KW. Since some 6 months ago I've been jumping between number 14 -11 on page 2, occasionally I get back on page 1 for a few hours to number 8-10, then back to page 2. My article has 3784 words, out of which 5 are my main KW and...
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    LSI Keywords - How often should we repeat them so it's not considered keyword stuffing?

    As far as I understand, in my limited SEO knowledge, your main keywords shouldn't be repeated more than some 2-4 times in the target article. But what about LSI keywords? Do they obey the same 2-4 times rule or maybe you need to use them less than that?
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    How can I check domain availability of all 4, 5, 6, etc. letter combinations?

    Is it even possible? Is there any tool which can check all possible 4, 5, etc. letter combinations and see if there's an available .com for it?
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    SEO meta tags in HTML still relevant?

    Some websites say it's not important anymore , others say it still is. What do you think about it? Is writting your keywords in the HTML meta tag still important nowadays?
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    Can too much internal linking hurt your SEO?

    Can too many anchor text/links from one page on your website to other pages of your own website hurt your SEO? If so, how much is too much? Is this considered stuffing?
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    Any opinions on

    I've been using this online tool lately for my webpage's SEO analysis, since it's free while in beta testing and seems really nice.. Since I'm not an SEO expert I was wondering what do the SEO experts here think about it?
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    Keyword Shitter vs Keyword Shitter 2 - what's the difference?

    So I found out that there are 2 websites for this Keyword Shitter Keyword Shitter 2 Does anyone know what's the difference between them?
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    Issue with Keywords Everywhere

    When I copy/paste a bunch of Keywords using the "Bulk Upload Keywords" option, I find that after running the metrics I get less keywords back. So right now I've copy/pasted there 1035 keywords, but after the metrics it returns only 900 keywords. This also happens with 100 keywords, as only 97...
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    Anyone else doing this as a hobby?

    As the title implies this isn't exactly my day job. I started finding out about SEO because of a website I ended up making to try and promote my services a bit. I found that learning about SEO was really interesting and started being the kind of thing that gets me out of bed excited whenever I...
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    Why do you use Keyword Difficulty estimation tools?

    Keyword difficulty estimators like KWFinder, Keysearch and KeywordRevealer are some of the online tools I've used over the last year, year and a half, for my website (no blog, just a simple HTML/CSS website). I keep seeing the SEO communities generally frown upon this type of tool as they lack...
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    Need help deciding - please PM if you have to!

    I'm currently trying to decide between subcribing to or I like KWFinder, but they're just too expensive for what I need. Right now I am already subscribed to I currently use KeywordShitter, LSIGraph and KeywordsEverywhere for search volumes (these...
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    Google Keyword Planner 2018 - What metrics to use?

    Since Google decided to shut down actual search volumes on Keyword Planner, what actual metric can we use to get an idea? On the Knew 2018 Keyword Planner main screen, inside "Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords", I can see we have clicks, impressions, cost, CTR, and avg. CPC. Are...
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    Can't signup for Anyone else had this issue?

    I keep getting a message saying "Your account cannot be created at this time !!". Anyone else experiencing this as well? do you know why this is happening?
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    SEO mistakes in this video?

    I've watched this video and used some code to build my website. Now I was wondering if there's anything here that's incorrect regarding SEO and was wondering if anyone will give an opinion of it. YouTube Video
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    How often must you update GSC Sitemap and Fetch?

    Do I need to submit a new sitemap and and ask to crawl with "Fetch and Render" every time I change anything on the website? Even a sentence?
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    Robots.txt file - what should I disallow on HTML/CSS website?

    I'm not using WordPress, just HTML/CSS on my website. What should I be disallowing for security? Right now I'm just allowing everything and anything...
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    Ranking on Google, but can't find my site??

    I'm using SERPLab, Whatsmyserp and SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker. They all say I rank for my keyword as number 170-190, keeps changing with Google's dance but seems to stay put for a few hours at least. However... When I actually navigate to said position, I NEVER find my website anywhere. Can...
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    Can't rank at all???

    My domain is around 4.5 months old and my static website (no blog) was first online early June. I have several keywords and for the most part I cannot even rank for any of them. I understand that maybe the keywords are competitive and the website and domain are brand new, but shouldn't I be able...