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    I lost a killer domain!

    Didn't happen to buy it from GoDaddy or one of their affiliates ...did you? Next week you will probably get an email saying "We have a domain for sale. Its the dotcom of the domain you already hold in dotinfo".
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    Well jv's with you!
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    NEVER Pay For Gas or Electricity Again!

    I have a farm property and a while back the government came up with the bright idea of taxing the number of dams owners had (supplying their own water). They were going to calculate rainfall x storage area to rate the tax. There was a commotion about such an inordinate tax and so far it hasn't...
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    NEVER Pay For Gas or Electricity Again!

    Do you mean these experts who did not even put the machine together according to the plans? If I design a house and someone does not build it according to my specifications, they cannot come back to me to show it didn't work. If they build exactly as I had planned and it fails....sure get back...
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    NEVER Pay For Gas or Electricity Again!

    Which section of the government do you work fo Java?
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    NEVER Pay For Gas or Electricity Again!

    Want to know how things go awry when someone comes up with an energy saving device or health device that gives no profit to big business. Check out these people and just see how many died penniless in shame and disgrace , how many were murdered or silenced. So many patents are sitting in big...
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    David, I don't doubt for one minute that you are infinitely more intelligent than I am as you are more able to articulate your strong opinions better than I can. Are you a lawyer? You see with retirement comes brain retirement sometimes too! We come from different stand points. I am not a...
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    I find it weird.. please help!!

    Dare I say it....why don't you just use Wordpress for building sites.
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    Sick of 1&1 who is good registra to transfer to?

    Must agree I am sick of 1&1 also. They do not do anything easily. It is simply a pain. I will also be transferring the domains I have wiht them as well. Am just waiting for Namecheap to bring out the special again that they had last year of transfers for about 5 or 6 dollars with 1 year...
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    Having had the same experience myself but with a family member ( with exceptionally thick thick skin) I was scarred but learnt a very valuable lesson ( and yes I was told it's just business). And yes these family members keep a lawyer in a permanent state of employment. I have watched over the...
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    What I find repugnant is that Zuckerberg screwed over his partner. That is unforgiveable. You all go on like Facebook will never end. It is just a phase as ALL things are. Ask the people who were in MySpace a few years back if they thought it would fade and you would have received a resounding...
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    Simply great post Cnotey have hit the nail on the head. As a civilization grows and then declines is the result of its actions. Our current civilization is damned as the ethics and morals decline as they are doing now. As an older person I note the change in the last 50 years as being...
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    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    This came as an email to me. It is a quote from the well known Michael Masterson the founder of that great daily email Early To Rise. This is from his newsletter on how he felt about the movie.What follows is his critque. From others I gather that his opinion is not alone on the ethics of the...
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    Euro-Style Debt Crisis in US?

    Yes agree investing in gold is smart if the system we currently all live under continues. If as all the pundits are predicting that there will be a total economic collapse then we will become an agricultural fuedal system again and eating to live and not wealth will be the the day to day...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all BHW members.
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    Euro-Style Debt Crisis in US?

    Gold silver and the like are just bargaining chips. What is their real value. When it comes down to the last and everyone is hungry including me will I exchange my bag of wheat for some gold. Ya gotta be kidding. You can't eat gold ! I will be stocking up on seeds (edible gold) ! Have a look at...
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    very pissed was robbed

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Out here we find people rob the same house again a little bit later as they know you will replace all the goods with brand new things. Cover yourself first but putting iron bars on your basement window and then setting up a monitored burglar alarm with lots of...
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    I want to take advantage of XMAS!!!

    Set up a toy site through Amazon. I posted this recently to take advantage of this years popular toys. People get inot a frenzy as the time gets closer so you have a more hungry buyer.
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    Google's new ebooks store just opened

    Why would they need affiliates. They could have No 1 spot on every page for any KW or book title without us. Don't like the sound of this.
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    Who actually SUCCESSFULLY bought the 80% HostGator package????

    What most did not realize is that the deal was for the FIRST month only unless you decided to pay for the whole year or two years. It did not apply to monthly payments. That was not made clear in the emails that went out. It was on the sales page as you went to order. *applies to first month...