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    How Did You Make Your 1st $100?

    Aside from the odd item sold on ebay, my first IM money came from domain parking.
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    anyone know a php that lets me grab a remote file to my web server?

    You also might want to look at the PHP manual for the command "CURL". Supposedly if you set it up right it can retrieve images even if they are blocked on the other server by a htaccess redirect. Saves you from getting a bunch of those "don't steal my bandwidth" logos.
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    I need to Fire my Business Partner

    With all things bieng equal, I'd probably just do less work to the point where I was doing the same amout as my partner. Then I'd spend the extra time working on a very similar side project. One thing I'd add though is that if your partner invested a substantially larger sum of funds to get...
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    Build links for parked domain

    I'm doubting there would be adverse SEO effects, but there will be some kickback. Regardless of your parking company I'm pretty sure its in the TOS that you can't build links to the domains you have parked. Its in the TOS for virtually all of them. If they see a spike in traffic and check it...
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    Scrapebox on Competitor's Site - Test or Study

    I've got an already developed minisite that I'd volunteer for the blast test and a copy of scrapebox so I can help out. Its a fairly new site that been up and indexed for about a month but has only one backlink. I just created a link so G could find and index it, then left it alone. I'd have...
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    Photos Bought At Garage Sale Now Worth $200 Million Dollars

    I'd throw in there that there never really seems to be any rags in the rags to riches stories. I watched a hyped up documentary about how the founder of amazon made his fortune. I was all excited to watch the story until they snuck in the part about how his wife's parents loaned him 100K to...
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    There is a black hat technique that I don't know what it's called. Need help labeling it.

    Assuming you change the site and the ranking drops, if you change the site back to exactly how it was, will the ranking recover? If thats the case I'd change it just to see if the ranking drops or not. (depending on how much the page was making me)
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    1 Blog comment, 500 backlinks. High PR too, anyone know of this technique?

    I've come across the phoenomenon a few times. I always see a spike in my traffic and adsense earnings for the site I'm promoting right afterwards but it drops off almost immediately. Just some speculation here, but I'm pretty sure G recognises that the links are temporary and gives the...
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    Help! Someone spun one of my articles and reposted it with my name on it!

    Rather than state my view and argue with y'all, I'm going to stay neutral. I did want to point something out to the OP though. Chances are pretty good the guy who stole your article probably doesn't even know he stole "your" article. It was probably done automatically similar to how xrumer...
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    Could this idea work?

    It will be hard to get your visitors to do what you want them to. If you buy 100 people at ten cents and only one signs up it cost you ten bucks for a signup. If you buy one superbly targeted visitor for a dollar you can realistically get several signups for that same ten bucks.
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    Subdomains or .info

    If the subdomains are all on the same or similar topic maybe try subdomains. If they're of different topics go for separate domains for sure. Reasoning: I built a mini site on a subdomain of a 3 character domain, then later moved it to its own domain with a 301 redirect. Later I built a...
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    Subdomains or .info

    If the subdomains are all on the same or similar topic maybe try subdomains. If they're of different topics go for separate domains for sure. Reasoning: I built a site on a subdomain of a 3 character domain, then later moved it to its own domain with a 301 redirect. Later I built a...
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    Looking for REAL traffic for online live casino willing to pay$$$

    Just a thought, have you concidered buying traffic directly from domain parking companies? (sedo namedrive parked)
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    How Should I Sell This Domain?

    I don't buy TM's anymore, but from experience you can get between 4 and 12 months rev. However you will have to have actual proof of how much you made for the last year or so to get it. If the name makes 2k on a good month and 1k on a regular month, thats 15k per year. It should turn between...
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    Has anyone else noticed this regarding G00gle adsense results?

    This is a fairly recent change for G. There was an email about it less than a year ago where they asked all publishers to update their privacy policy before they implemented the change. It would be nice to be able to turn it off for specific sites though. Most of my minisites focus on one...
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    Where do you get your free images/stock photos?

    Just a warning, downloading and using images that you don't know the source is trouble. I've got a friend bieng sued by Istock over the logo on his website. He payed a web developer overseas (korea?) to design and build his business's site. The developer "claims" to have purchased the stock...
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    Paypal SUCKS BALLS!

    When you drive by a dark alley and there is a group of teen age boys at the end all wearing the same colors just kind of hanging around, do you wonder if they're up to no good? What you've described sets off at least a dozen red flags for fraud, and you're probably doing at least one thing...
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    How did they do this?!?

    If you know when it happened and you have access to the server logs you might be able to figure it out from that. I'd say chances are pretty good that its a SQL injection hack of some sort.
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    Can you get your adsense account banned from autoblogging?

    Here's a portion of a warning letter a friend recently got for running adsense on an autoblog. I would guess that if he hadn't removed the ads they would have banned him. Can't say for sure though. ------------------------- Hello, While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are...
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    How Do I Monetize This Keyword (High Search KW!)

    As a simple rule, to monetize a keyword you figure out what the people searching for that keyword are looking for and place ads for what they would buy. My Guess: Someone looking for cityname weather could be someone from that city looking to see how the weather is going to be on a given day...