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    youtube adsense still feasible?

    I started my IM journey about 1.5months ago on youtube and posted spun news videos since it can be used with fair use (or i thought news clips were protected under fair use) my brand account got banned for "guideline violation" but never specified which one is violated i did get copyright...
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    Scrapebox harvester broken?

    Lately Ive seen a significant reduction in number of harvested links through goolge using scrapebox. fyi. I use 300+ fresh proxies with low latency everytime I harvest for links. Anyone having the same problem?
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    I {love|heart} scrapebox

    It's been like two weeks since I bought scrapebox and I can't emphasize enough how much I love this little program. I've read pretty much every thread on this forum with the word scrapebox in the title so I practically knew the potential of scrapebox and what it is capable of beyond blog...
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    Just bought scrapebox...but it crashes as soon as I open the program!

    I finally bought the almighty scrapebox today When I downloaded the program and activated it I was so excited I almost jizzed in my pants...until I saw the crash report :( I've searched on this forum for the past hour or so but couldn't find a thread with an identical problem. Is there...
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    Competition Research

    HI, I'm trying to build my first micro niche site with a fairly competitive keyword. When I did some research on the competitions I found out that #1 website page has less than 200 [age backlinks but over 18million domain backlinks. I understand that number of backlinks plays a crucial role...
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    mass 301 redirect

    Hi, Is there a way to setup 301 redirect for 600+ urls which are indexed by google?
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    Brand new website or renovate an old one?

    Hi guys, I have a less than a year old autoblog powered by wp-robot selling products amazon products I tried to turn it into a semi-online(I used the word semi because I'm basically advertising products from amazon store) store but I couldn't really find a theme that made it look like a...
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    #1 on Big G!

    Hi guys I never posted a thread on here but I just couldn't help but write about my very small achievement. I started an autoblog with wp-robot several months ago in an attempt to build a "successful internet business" With a very little knowledge in search engine optimization I somehow...
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    High CTR Zero conversion

    Hi guys, I've been promoting a biz opp free trial on ysm for a week and the ctr is approximately 8% (200clicks) but not a single conversion yet. For the LP I basically direct linked it through iframe with a head div that has a geo targeting script Should I just drop this program or...