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    use paypal inv/req money to collect funds from customers for suppl, pharmacy products

    Hi fellows, howto setup ppal to be able to invoice customers? or use request function? Is there need to put a biz name in ppal? or link a front vitamin site showing as biz name? The products sold are not steroids and not controlled, but still ppal would not allow these to be sold. anybody...
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    Serpstat cancelling Plan A ($19monthly), Lifetime deals unaffected

    They're cancelling the Plan A that came with affordable 19$ monthly, and lowest Plan will be B ($69), starting from June 10th 2019. For me its a dealbreaker since i wasnt able to get into a lifetime deal but don't have much to research and 69$ is to steep for the light usage i do. However i...
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    Emailing 16K Customers

    Must email 16K customers to inform them about our new website, just a text message. I was checking with getresponse, aweber, inmicamail (cannot need IP address) how to do this. Cost for aweber seems to be around 150$ if i add the list. I have email, first and lastname. Will aweber do this, or...
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    just registered some trademark names

    Lets say there is abbott and i registered 3 domains with their product name in it:,, Yes of course i want to hop on this product and sell generics shipped from somewhere. If i do not advertise the product really as theirs on the site will...
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    what shopping cart/cms is behind this site? The site is super sleek and targetted, even the cart is integrated on this long 1 pager, i try to figure out this is built on what???
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    Facebok Timeline not showing in Public

    I set all to Public, but all pics, links.. everything that i see when i am logged in - once i am logged out and check there is nothing.. the timeline content i added is not showing. Do you know what to do?
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    Cloned shopping carts

    Pharmacy sites use it.. you click on 'buy' and you will get directed to the real site. You can spam the mirror site to death without consequence. What to be aware when doing this? Is there some more info about this?
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    DNS Service

    I want to conceal my ns nameservers to protect my hosting from being contacted. Are there free dns services you have experience with (hopefully free) that i can put a few domains under the account and use their nameserver, also take care of mail mx ?
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    What does this mean??

    I have transferred some domains to a 'safe' reseller in sweden. I cannot change the dns from the account area, they wrote me: what does this mean?
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    Hostgator Suspended me - Need Info on Transfer WP into New Hosting

    They gave me the last backup though. There are 11 WP sites in the account. I found a new host already, now i have the homedir.tar in the full backup. Do i upload this with the cpanel restore to the new hoster? Then? Create+Import into new databases and edit wp config file ? At what point do i...
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    [FREE] 90% Unique Spun Articles, 5x 90% Unique Articles Spun Together

    Yo Guys, because i love this forum so much and it helped me in so many things over the last few years, i want to give you this for free and to make some new friends. Niches: -affiliate marketing -article marketing -email marketing -home biz -forex -IM -mobile marketing -network marketing...
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    Need High Risk Offshore processing, 3rd party ok

    Weight Loss physical product sale, nothing controlled. 60-80K USD/month, low chargebacks, history since 2008. Any working solution welcome. Send pm with info. cheers
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    USPS ruined my Biz !

    I have a dropshipper in Bulgaria that sends out mainly to USA by reg mail.. there are massive delays that started 13th Dec until now. At this time we are seeing shipments getting delivered that were posted 17th-21st Dec. I have a hundred emails from pissed off customers every day and lots of...
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    How to spintax spun content together properly without breaking it?

    I know it sounds stupid but i never get it right.. Example there are several resource boxes that i used nested spinning on. There already lots of brackets inside the text and somehow i cant properly place the outer brackets to show the the spun resource boxes without some text broken or...
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    Quick AMR Question

    I have 3 spun articles, now i want to feed these to AMR so during submission it picks one randomly. Do i have to use TBS to spin them together and then paste them into AMR? but then the body may not fit with the excerpt if each contains 3 versions ? How to do this? Thanks
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    Weekly/ Sending money to Bulgaria.. HOW?

    I must send weekly 5-10K USD to Bulgaria from Thailand. So far we use moneygram, it works but they start asking questions. Is there any other option to get the money over within 2 days ?
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    Affiliate Software for my Shopping Cart ??

    I am selling physical products. Using some totally sucking software called Omnistar Affiliate that i even purchased back then. Difficult to configure, many obstacles and bugs. When i had some affiliates going many purchases were not registered and i lost all of them by now. Anybody has or can...
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    Rx Dropship wanted

    Mainly US and Uk customers. Small quantities to individual customers. Ship from everywhere but must arrive in US/UK and within a week or a bit more. pm me
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    most RiDICULOUS IM sales Phrases !

    add yours ! :D
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    This weekend sucked ! almost NO sales at all

    HEllllooo USA, whats up over there, nobody online anymore to buy something online??? wanna stay fat forever ???