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    Can i make another BM account while the first has due payments?

    Hello all, I have only one BM account but it has 5 ad accounts and all of them have a total of $200 which I won't pay now, and all the accounts are disabled. I tried to create another BM account but FB refused. Is there any work around to create another one? A member here posted a method...
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    That post with affiliate marketing tutorial with freebies disappeared

    Hello, Do you remember that generous member who posted a tutorial on how to create a WordPress affiliate blog with freebies?! Obviously, the member got banned and the thread disappeared, but also the pm he sent me with Astra , Elementor add-on and image optimization website licences...
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    Any payment card with US address for AdWords provider

    Hello, I need a CC with US address that works without issues with AdWords. Any trusted and affordable providers, I need it loaded with at least $30, reloadable is a plus. Thanks in advance.
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    Is Google forgivable when creating a new account after blocked one?

    Hello, As the title tells, I got account blocked and need a new one. I changed the credit card number, but will be the same name and address for sure. Is this enough or there any other precautions? Surely thank you ,
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    Question about Elementor

    Hello, I'm just wondering, after designing using Elementor pro or it's add-ons, what happens if I uninstalled them, or exported the designs to a WordPress without them, do the elements shows an error or disappear? I may install only the free Elementor version without add-ons. Thanks in advance,
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    Who sells Craigslist ads posting service?

    Hello, Do you know where to find this service? I'm non-US and need some one to post ads for me. Thanks
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    Starting webdesign/WordPress business, I need some help please!

    Hello every one, I'm inclined towards this business model as it's the thing I did too many times before for years, but I have many questions when it comes to business, please help me. 1- Should I buy premium theme license for every client? 2- I think of providing hosting, does it worth the...
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    Are spun articles that pass plagiarism test still bad?

    I spinned some articles for testing and they passed Grammarly plagiarism test 100% after a little edit. Will they be good at Google's eye? Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.
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    Niche movie streaming, does it worth it?

    Hi, I think of starting niche movie streaming, like horror movies, sci-fi, etc... Does it worth it from SEO and organic traffic perspective? I think the only viable niche is animé? What do you think? Thanks in advance Best regards,
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    Can AdSense earnings cover this website costs

    Hello, I found this website It offers free cpanel hosting and free VPS with referral points with no ads on clients websites. It has only some AdSense ads and also spends money on Google search ads. Can those AdSense ads cover the server and cpanel license costs with just ads on...
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    Is there a way to scan nulled WordPress themes/plugins for malicious code?

    Hello everyone, As the header says, is there anyway?? I can scan it using other WordPress plugins like succuri and others but not sure do they scan for backdoors and mining scripts. Is anyone aware of this? Thanks in advance. Best regards,
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    Is there a service that provides large VoIP to phone packages and don't mind abuse?

    Hello, I need large VoIP to phone packages, specially UK, but better Estonia and don't mind abusing, I mean consuming all minutes? As Skype is against using their services in telemarketing. Thanks in advance and best regards.
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    I have Google AdWords $50 credit, what is the best offer to invest in?

    Hello, As written in the title, what is the best offer to invest in. I already have a hosting and domains. I thought of Amazon affiliate, but I think it will cost some money buying articles. Or a webcam model agent offer as an article on my website. Sure I will use search ads. What do you advise...
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    How to do SEO for this type of sites

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. My website will be a wordpress blog for nulled things. The problem is for every post I have to publish the same text content already published on the original site and other nulled blogs. Then, any advice will be appreciated Thanks in advance.