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  1. shiva990

    Content Creator Zone ❇️ Starting @ 0.50$/100 Words ❇️ 100% Unique & SEO Friendly Content ✅

    Got 2 orders, the content had a good flow and worth the price, seller support was good in skype chat
  2. shiva990

    need PPT editor

    Hello Need PPT editor who can remove watermarks from all slides, note that the ppt file is only in read only mode, prefer to pay via btc, send dm if anyone can
  3. shiva990 - 1GB $10/YEAR, Raid10 SSD Disks, Unlimited domains, DirectAdmin, Free SSL, PayPal

    Renewed my plan, activate it asap bro username = shiva990 payment id = CPEI5TZNMHLUQX4DEKDZY5JJJ6
  4. shiva990

    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Need 1 account, Pm details
  5. shiva990

    CBD Oil Links

    Anyone with CBD oil network links and metrics doesn't matter Pm me
  6. shiva990

    [Free Trial] Throw MS Excel out the window, It's time to Shift!

    Interested in a review copy, very much needed
  7. shiva990


    coupoun code please
  8. shiva990

    Android Marketers for UK and US (e-comm-app)

    Looking for agency who can promote the app, must be a reputable agency in the UK or US must be able to help in promotion strategies, Pm with experience in e-commerce and prices
  9. shiva990

    Scammed by Royserpa for $800

    Eventually, If the mod does their job faithfully then @royserpa will be banned soon, days are bad friends due to covid19 spend wisely and do not use BTC much, stay home stay safe
  10. shiva990

    ✪✪✪ MyNiche.Site - Kickstart Your Money-Making Journey with an Aged Niche Site! ✪✪✪

    Would be interested in the batch, send the samples pm Thanks
  11. shiva990

    Ask me anything about Facebook Ads 2020

    Got many tips from this thread, why cant you make a E-Book sharing all the strategies you know thanks, release it as a paid BST or make it free
  12. shiva990

    ~~~Best Course Torrent Sites?~~~

    PM me gmbhacks and Affiliate lab- Matt Diggity, Thanks
  13. shiva990

    Introduction, my short bio and SUCCESS STORY

    That was Inspiring and which forum you refer at the end of the post? and Welcome to BHW!
  14. shiva990

    INSTANTPANEL.NET SMM PANEL [INSTANT] CHEAP Instagram-Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-SoundCloud

    which order ID work for insta likes need best quality? @vinothmech recommend be high quality insta likes ID
  15. shiva990

    Anyone in Here from Vizag???

    It would be good if we arrange a meetup in India for all BHW members, trust me it will be huge many people will attend it, cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi would be good to many