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  1. goodguy333

    Hottest and Coldest place you have visited/stayed/residing on this earth...!

    Hiya BHW Folks, How ya doing...? It's goodguy333 again...! Just wanted to see how many of you have visited/stayed/residing in the hottest/coldest place on this earth...! Let's see who is more hard skinned...;) Honest answers expected...! Starting with mine: Visited...
  2. goodguy333

    [ASK] Gaypal India 7 day withdrawal limit!

    Hi Indian BHW, Whats up with the new rule of Gaypal India 7 day withdrawal limit?! Do we have to follow the rule or is it business as usual...? I have around $20 in PP :o,so can I keep it there to withdraw later or I have to withdraw within 7 days...?!:confused: What say? Thanks Cheerios
  3. goodguy333

    Make your twitter account(s) secure(https)

    Hiya folks, Just a friendly heads up on making your twitter account(s) secure. Twitter is set by default to http,but you can change it to https by going to your account settings. In the account tab at the bottom you will see "HTTPS Only". Just check/tick that,save your settings and...
  4. goodguy333

    Scammed by Cynical:I was naive....Beware!

    Dear BHW, Cynical made a thread on 1st Jan of this month seeking investment in his business.He claimed to give 40% returns on the deposits with a minumum threshold of $100.I paid him in good faith.The thread seems to be gone.But I have his correspondence in pm. Sample this, Now,he has...