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  1. Shashank shahi

    Got scammed but I have no proof

    I bought a adsense here from a jr vip. He delivered product without any problem, also helped me setup his website(which was making 20€/month). 3 month passed, I made around 300€ in same adsense and now I can't access that adsense account because someone (i believe it's seller because he gave...
  2. Shashank shahi

    How do I keep my video website/app alive?

    I am thinking of creating a streaming app/website, but the real concern is COPYRIGHT. Absolutely, I will upload all the premium content but what I need is a way to keep my data safe. Here are some questions which comes in my mind -What kind of hosting provider should I use(cheap one first, cuse...
  3. Shashank shahi

    [Giveaway] - 1 linode account with 100$ credit

    As mentioned in title, lucky winner will be the first person who will comment. Peace
  4. Shashank shahi

    Where to invest 5000$ today

    Which is the best place to invest 5000$ I have done drop shipping and CPA in the past few months, now i want to invest them somewhere safe, from where i can get some assured returns, Is buying a Youtube channel good investment ?
  5. Shashank shahi

    Poor conversion in snapchat ads

    I'm using snapchat ads for cpa and my conversion from snap swipe up to my lander is ~20%. I checked my hosting usage, analytics new user counts, and here are the results. Snapchat swipe Up: 3750 Unique IP request count in hosting: ~2100 Google analytics new user: ~750 What could be the...
  6. Shashank shahi

    Snapchat swipe up isn't converting!

    I'm running snapchat ad. And today I received almost 1k swipe up but my landing page counted 200 visitors (data from Google analytics). Is there something I'm missing or isn't correct? Please help
  7. Shashank shahi

    Snapchat ad on multiple account?

    In facebook, we can use 1 web link in 8-12 ad accounts till it gets blocked. Is this thing the same for snapchat or do I have to create new web link for every new snapchat ad account?
  8. Shashank shahi

    [FREE] Get .recipes domain, no cc require

    Goto name[dot]com Add .recipes domain to cart. Use "HOMEWORK" promo code. Fill out fake details. Abra ca dabra, you have a free domain. I got 2 domains yesterday.
  9. Shashank shahi

    Using maxbounty links in Google ads?

    I have been using fb ads for email leads in maxbounty and now I want to try google ads. Can someone explain me the rules or tips I should follow on Google ads to get easy leads! Some questions in my mind: -What kind of ad should I create(display, search, video)? -What kind of keywords I should...
  10. Shashank shahi

    Can't buy free domains

    Is there anyone else facing issue with free domain name providers like freenom. I can't get any free domain from these sites. Please help.
  11. Shashank shahi

    WTB fb threshold account or working trick.

    I am looking for threshold bigger than 50$
  12. Shashank shahi

    Where I can find free virtual numbers?

    I am using TextNow and 2ndline and they are saying "you have reached a limit". Please suggest any
  13. Shashank shahi

    I'm looking for G Ads vcc.

    Is there any vcc provider whose card work with adword?
  14. Shashank shahi

    Can I use private proxies to fill out CPA offers?

    Am I going in right direction?
  15. Shashank shahi

    How to use maxbounty links in my google ad landing page?

    Hello everyone, I recently have started with maxbounty and have no idea how to start earning. Today I tried a CPA offer of app install. I created a blog, linked images with an affiliate link and then created a campaign on google ads. Guess what, my account is suspended. :( Someone, please...
  16. Shashank shahi

    I want suggestions for movie download site.

    I want to create a movie download website and obviously I don't want to invest too much before I get enough traffic to monetize. I thought of keeping my files in google drive(edu mail version with unlimited storage) and then putting that link in my website. But how can I protect those...
  17. Shashank shahi

    Where can I get cheap adult traffic?

    Does anyone provide adult traffic at low cost or is there any good adult ad network?
  18. Shashank shahi

    Illegal clicks in CPA?

    If I use rdp to fill out CPA email or forms or surveys, is it going to pay me?
  19. Shashank shahi

    How to earn from facebook traffic?

    I run a facebook campaign to get traffic. Recently my AdSense got banned and I'm looking for somewhere to send that traffic and earn at least 5-10 bucks a day. Per day traffic = 5-10K from USA
  20. Shashank shahi

    CPAlead + FB ads?

    From yesterday I'm trying to run a campaign which will redirect from fb-> blogger site-> cpalead landing page. First I tried, putting the link in blogger site, my ad didn't get approved. Again I tried with no cpalead link in blogger, fb ad got approved. Then I changed my link in blogger to...