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  1. MrFady

    SEO: where to begin as a newbie?

    I think besides all of these resources also it will be useful to check and his youtube channel Good Luck
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    Instagram Followers Method

    There're a lot of bots out there, but I prefer iMacros for this easy task, and it's free :D
  3. MrFady

    Method to creating Gmail accounts?

    It really works, thanks :) Actually, you will be asked to enter your phone number, but it also gives you the option to Skip this step;)
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    youtube Keywords

    Hello there 1. vidIQ 2. TubeBuddy and of course 3. Google Keywords Goodluck:)
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    When using the follow/unfollow method do you guys set your profile to private or public?

    You're correct if your account is private more people will follow you back. and the good part is you don't have to respond immediately. Actually, this is psychology, how people think and act, this is not related to content protection or content quality at all. Good luck
  6. MrFady

    Make money with instagram DM ?

    If you'll copy and paste the same message, Instagram will ban your account for spamming people But here's what you can do: 1) Write about 10-20 different messages (for the same purpose) 2) Send about 10:15 messages per hour (different messages) In this way, IG will not consider you spamming...
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    Grum coupon code

    Hey guys From March till now there is no coupon code? Disappointed :(:(:(
  8. MrFady

    iMacros Code for Instagram

    Hello BlackHatters I want an iMacros code " a command line " to click on the first photo in the ( Most Recent ) part in a specific Tag search. Because CLICK command didn't work also I tried EVENT command but couldn't make it:weep: If you can write that command line I will appreciate it Thanks...
  9. MrFady

    Unfollow all in one click

    Hello blackhatters, Is there any way to unfollow all with an easy way?, I tried to iMacros but it didn't work. Any Help!! ???
  10. MrFady

    How to send bulk messages through facebook

    Waiting for an answer
  11. MrFady

    Tools to get cheap likes, shares?

    Hello, I'm wondering where are these " developing countries" ?? I'll appreciate if you can give me some examples because I have the same issue .... Thanks in advance :D:D
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    Hello black hatters, If there's anyone with a working iMacros code for Instagram auto Like, comment, follow and unfollow. Please reply to this thread I'm using an old version of firefox so I still can use iMacros with it, but all my codes are outdated and not working anymore, I tried to edit...
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    Youtube views bot

    Hello blackhaters I downloaded " Multiviews Tool " and added a list of proxies, when I started to use it to drive some views to a youtube video I noticed the number of views is keep changing in a very strange way - increasing steadily, after a while decreasing then increasing rapidly - So if...
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    Top4smm / Lifetime Guarantee. Time to brake the rules. Now it's your turn \ Youtube * Instagram

    Hello Dear First: I want to check your service and I will be happy if you add balance to my account .... username: MrFady ..... Email: [email protected] Second: the prices in this thread is different than the prices on the website, there's no $0.3 per 1K on the website What...
  15. MrFady | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Hello dear, the prices listed above is completely different than the prices on the price page which are also different than the prices on the purchase page. So please I want to make a trial order with the prices listed above :D:D Username: MrFady Email: [email protected] Thanks a lot
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    【 FOLLOWIZ 】 - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Hello Dear I'm wondering ... what is the traffic source for the "website traffic" service ? Thanks in advance
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    【 FOLLOWIZ 】 - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Hi, i would like a review copy. Username: MrFady and also PayPal activation Thanks in advance
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    New Instagram Engagement Group (Any Niche) 1K+ Followers

    Hello dear Kik : mr__caesar Please add me
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    Hello dear Kik: mr__caesar Please add
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    iMacros +

    Hello Dear Check my post for the solution ;)