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    Can you deliver these articles in any other languages(Polish or Hindi, maybe?)
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    241k PV/month in 3 months

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    AI Content Writer | GPT-3 Based | Long-Form Article Editor, Blog Post Outlines, Product & Video Descriptions & Many Other Modules

    Is the unlimited trial for 48 hours still available? If yes, send me the code/link for it. Thanks!
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    241k PV/month in 3 months

    that is just 1 page.
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    lol that is nothing. Look at this
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    READY 2 RANK Articles - $2 per 500 words - SEO Optimized articles that are Ready 2 Rank

    Ordered an article of 2k words at $5/500 words. Article was not thoroughly researched. He wrote the first article completely unrelated to the main kw. The seller blamed me for this. Although, he did provide a replacement article. Article quality was good. If you can provide thorough research...
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    Anyone else struggling in the finance niche?

    I am pretty sure finance and insurance are right there at the top followed by pharmacy and health haha
  8. BreeLik - Starting From $0.80/100 words. For Real. [3217+ Happy Buyers And Counting!]

    is it included with authority level articles or- ?
  9. BreeLik - Starting From $0.80/100 words. For Real. [3217+ Happy Buyers And Counting!]

    Are the articles SEO optimized? If yes, which software do you use? Also, please pm me some samples of the articles written in the dating niche.
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    Is it safe to buy a domain on fake details?

    do NOT use njalla.
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    Selling Reddit NSFW Subreddit

    Subreddit is still available. Subscriber count is 14k+ now. Available at a discounted price of $180 only for the next 2 days!
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    Anyone else struggling in the finance niche?

    You know that Ahrefs KD score is completely shit right? The only thing that it takes in account is the number of backlinks that the page has. It doesn't care about the on page seo, the DR or anything else. You should also analyse the SERP and see if any websites with AR 10mil+ are in the top 5...
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    100% Google Pagespeed Performance WordPress Optimization UP TO 500% SPEED at Your Service!

    Loved the service! They reduced my page load time (desktop) from 2.8s to 0.7s and (phone) from 6.6s to 3.2s. They said they can reduce the phone page load time further for free but it would take some time because the theme needs optimization. They also added WPRocket for free, so, that is a very...
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    Journey to the Dark Side - My first autoblog with $10 and no coding skills

    dude. dude. Your website won't survive even a single manual check which will happen very soon because of the high number of published pages.