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  1. PeterPerseo

    Looking for T2 links seller

    Does anyone can recommend me a good T2 links seller? On the marketplace I see only T1 sellers (Pbn, guest post, curated links, etc). Thanks
  2. PeterPerseo

    Surfer Seo VS PageOptimizer Pro

    Which of these 2 onpage tools give best results? Has anyone got REAL results (SERP improved) with these 2 tools? I subscribed both and since 2 days I'm testing both (just the AUDIT feature). I'm testing the basic plan (just to see how they work) but both have better (and more expensive) plans...
  3. PeterPerseo

    Is SAPE dead?

    In the past, many times I bought good links from SAPE, some for my T1s but some good for the money sites. But in the last months I can't find good links as in the past, most of sites are horrible or very old or sites with no traffic or good metrics. I also noticed that almost all the sites are...
  4. PeterPerseo

    Which links to use for T2?

    For T1 I'm using a mix of PBN (websites, not just post) and web 2.0. But now, which links to use for T2?
  5. PeterPerseo

    How do you BOOST the power of PBNs?

    Which is the best way to increase the power and authority of the PBNs without get them deindexed? Web 2.0, Gsa-Ser links, Sape links, cheap PBN links, other, etc? Thanks
  6. PeterPerseo

    Affiliate Amazon, can I sell product of a country store to other countries?

    Hi, reading the Amazon TOS I can't understand if and how it's possible to sell gods of US amazno store to other countries. It seems possible, but maybe I have to open a new affiliate account to every amazon store of the countries where I want to sell goods. Anyone have some informations about...
  7. PeterPerseo

    Anyone know a good Cloaking for DoorPages?

    An effective one, that hide pages to googlebots. Thanks
  8. PeterPerseo

    How to scrape expired content from

    I have to scrape an expired website with thousands of pages, so some paid online tools I've found are too much expensive for that quantity of urls. I know there is a free opensource script on GitHub, here but it requires some coding that...
  9. PeterPerseo

    Which is the best old/aged/expired web 2.0 to use as pbn?

    Usually some seller here sell aged expired tumblr accounts, but the problem I can see is that their links are not "clear" but they are redirect links ( https: //t.umblr. com/redirect?z=http....), so I really don't trust so much on this type of url (I may be wrong). Which other expired web 2.0 I...
  10. PeterPerseo

    Which is the more TRUSTWORTHY way to check the Google indexing?

    I'm checking if a web 2.0 is indexed by google, but I get different results and I'm not still sure if this web is actually indexed or not. The worst part is that now I don't know which is the most reliable way of index checking. This is the case: if I check using the google operator...
  11. PeterPerseo

    What's a good tool to do a Seo audit of a website on 2018?

    As the title. In the past, 5 or 6 years ago, I used IBP (Internet business promoter) and I liked it because it used to do not only a Seo audit of a site, but also it check the differences between my site and the top 10 sites on google. As you know, every niche needs different seo settings (on...
  12. PeterPerseo

    Any tool (paid) to check TF, CF, PA, DA, RD?

    I know about Netpeak, but it need to buy separate API from Ahrefs and Majestic. I'm looking a single tool that can check all that data at once, does anyone know if it exists? Thanks
  13. PeterPerseo

    Which are the best Seo packages to buy here on BHW?

    Which are the best Seo packages to buy here on BHW? Only suggestion based on REAL serp improvement please. I've bought several seo packs in the past here, but without really good results. Thanks
  14. PeterPerseo

    Ranking a not-english website with english backlinks (pyramids T1+T2)

    I regularly rank english sites using, among various strategies, pyramids with T1, T2 and T3 layers. But now I'm trying to rank a not-english website (italian) and, since all the seo tools I have they use only english texts, I wonder if it can work building pyramids of english backlinks for a...
  15. PeterPerseo

    Seo Tools Group with Ahrefs, which one is good now?

    Since 2 years I was using a shared account Ahref on a group buy seo tools, but now that company is going closing many of these seo groups. The one I was using instead got a lot of technical problems and almost total absence of customer assistance, so I'm looking for another good seo group...
  16. PeterPerseo

    How to sell more than $1000/day bitcoin from Copay?

    Just today I started to read informations about how to sell bitcoin, and after many many research I can't find a good solution. My wallet is Copay, one of the most popular, but I just realized that it has a limit for selling bitcoins (sending them to Coinbase, my exchange) of maximum $1000/day...
  17. PeterPerseo

    Is dead??

    I'm an user of this indexer services since a couple of years, usually it was working in a decent way, but last months the site is often "freezed" (buttons doesn't work), and they don't reply to my messages. Anyone using it, can you confirm me the service is dead? (Everything dead a part...
  18. PeterPerseo

    Best Aliexpress Dropshipping system/plugin?

    Hi all, I'm starting a dropshipping website for sell products from Aliexpress. I'm studing the best system, and I see there are several apparently similar: Shopify + Oberlo App WooDropship (for WooCommerce wp plugin) Ali2Woo plugin...
  19. PeterPerseo

    SAPER software Review: SCAM! SCAM! CRAP! Stay away!

    Recently I had the bad idea to buy a software to manage to SAPE russian website. This tool is in english, so I thought it could be easier to select and buy SAPE links using this software (the original website is ONLY in russian language). What a terrible idea!! First, I didn't find any...
  20. PeterPerseo

    Buying Adsense accounts doesn't work... Who knows why?

    It's second time I bought an adsense account, and again it has been banned by Google very soon! This time I used this precautions: not used it for 6 months (just because the new websites were not ready, anyway I was thinking that if it's not banned in six months, the account should have...