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  1. HenryObi

    [Question] Would incoming bot traffic from backlinks or social links help SEO in anyway?

    I don't think traffic on your site impacts your SEO in any way. If said traffic is from search it could impact it but there's no conclusive data on whether traffic improves your SEO or not. Don't waste your time sending bot traffic to your website.
  2. HenryObi

    ️✂️ The Featured Snippet Hack of the Year!

    Interesting, trying this right away to see what happens on one of my post that is close enough.
  3. HenryObi

    Melania Trump just tweeted about Bitcoin

    She's actually the individual behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
  4. HenryObi

    If you went to prison, which country is the best place to go to prison?

    Pick a gun and pop your next door neighbor's skull, then ring the police telling them you did just that. Then come back to us let's see how that ends.
  5. HenryObi

    If you went to prison, which country is the best place to go to prison?

    Norway, if what I see online is actually accurate.
  6. HenryObi

    [Question] Do outbound links help or damage SEO?

    No, you're not damaging the SEO strength of your website. I do think it actually has no real effect on how Google ranks your site.
  7. HenryObi

    Follow the "science"

    Rules for thee, none for me. It's always been how people in government act. Especially when you give them the amount of power and country covid has given.
  8. HenryObi

    ⚡⚡ [GUIDE] How to find Low Competition Niches with High Earnings Potential

    How else were you supposed to? You could use semrush or any other alternative, if you know what you're doing. Ahrefs is really good and worth it.
  9. HenryObi

    Rank faster in Bing vs Google?

    This is true and somehow your position/rank is usually stronger on bing, unlike Google.
  10. HenryObi

    ❌ IncomeSchool says - "LinkBuilding is Worthless" What's your opinion?

    I've been hearing this for the past couple of years. I'm tired already. We can all believe whatever we want. But the evidences available to us are have more to say.
  11. HenryObi

    ✅✅ How this guy Grew a Website to 1 Million Visitors in 15 Months (video)

    Really interesting. Apparently flooding your website with lots of content really works perfectly. He was specifically clear on how he handled backlinking, maybe that's one of the most important part of what he did on the site.
  12. HenryObi

    Chicken and Egg Problem- BHW and other forum owners

    How it is done is hire a handful of people, create multiple accounts for them and give them topics to create and interact with. Do this while promoting your forum. New users would think the forum is really active on its own, then they'd join making it more active. I'm not sure BHW applied this...
  13. HenryObi

    Blog categories where PBNs work the best

    I believe it's the same for all niches. A PBN is just a website with Google authority only that it is built for the sole purpose of ranking other websites. So it doesn't make sense for PBNs to be useful in only specific niches. If that was to be the case, it's safe to say backlinks are only...
  14. HenryObi

    How do I Find Keyword Intention?

    @homeriscool this. At least this is what Google thinks the user is searching for. Sometimes, Google could be wrong by displaying shops and ecommerce sites for keywords that aren't supposed to be so. You have to decide what to do in such situations.
  15. HenryObi

    ✅ How this Pet brand Bootstrapped to $100M in Revenue

    This is a lot similar to the niche I'm experimenting with. They just want to watch videos and like pictures. It's actually not easy to find the perfect working audience for your ads on Facebook( and IG). For a shop with small budget you end up burning everything with little to nothing to show...
  16. HenryObi

    [HOW-TO] Do Keyword Research for Free

    What a way to start the new year. Amazing guides like these make life as an IMer easier especially when you're on a low hudget.
  17. HenryObi

    [Question] Can I use tools like GSA directly pointing to my main Domain?

    You can but you should not. It is a one way ticket to kill your site.
  18. HenryObi

    The Different Kinds Of Links You'll Find On BHW

    I do think guest post links are one of the 'go to' links. Nevertheless, your thread is nice and would come in handy for newbies who do their research before purchasing anything.
  19. HenryObi

    How soon do you see results from your BackLinks?

    Between 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer. The number of the links on the site/page prior to the new ones also matter.