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  1. BENNY8877

    There are Now Paid Ads in Recommended?

    I just noticed a paid ad this morning on my YouTube Recommended homepage. Is this new? I wonder how long it will be until they start popping up in the sidebar.
  2. BENNY8877

    Is Vagex Giving Views?

    I haven't used Vagex in a while, that is until last week, and I still haven't received views for about five or six videos that I added. Is anyone else currently getting views from Vagex?
  3. BENNY8877

    How Should I Respond to This Email?

    Okay fellas, I really need your help. I got this email today from a really hot chick: Hello ! My name is Hannah I am very pretty 23 year old blonde MILF with a really tight body. I work out every day ! I am single since last week and looking to meet new guys that I can date and have some...
  4. BENNY8877

    YouTube Video Thubnail Not Showing in Google Search

    Does anyone know why sometimes the actual thumbnail of the video you have ranked in Google search doesn't show up? Instead it just has the title and the video url.
  5. BENNY8877

    How to Do You Deal With Pain-in-the-Ass Clients?

    I have some new-found time on my hands, and was considering diving into offering small businesses in my area marketing/SEO services. I have some pretty good ideas, and am excited to get started, but one thing that keeps creeping into my mind is the thought of pain-in-the-ass clients. How do...
  6. BENNY8877

    How Can You Tell If a Selling Domain Has A Penalty?

    Hey guys, I was going to buy some aged domains and wanted to know how to identify whether or not they have been given a penalty. Is there any tool or identifying factors? Thanks
  7. BENNY8877

    Want to Make $5 for 5 Minutes of Work? If You Have a WarriorForum Account Get in Here!!

    I need someone who has a Warrior Forum account to do a quick job for me. The account must be at least 6 months old, have over 50 posts, and be in good standing (not acting like a dumbass). I only need 1 person to do this, so hurry up and PM me. When you PM give me your Warrior Forum username...
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    Magic Submitter Anchor Text

    Nevermind...solved the problem.
  9. BENNY8877

    How Accurate is SEMRush Search Data?

    I am getting huge differences between SEMRush and Google. One keyword in particular which Google says gets 8,100 monthly searches SEMRUsh is reporting as getting 147 monthly searches. Anyone have any experience with this?
  10. BENNY8877

    Expectations of Fiverr Customers

    I was browsing through some Fiverr gigs for SENuke, and came across a user's feedback for a particular gig. "I know this is a little crazy. but im not number 1 or on second page. does this take a little time to work?"
  11. BENNY8877

    Why Proper Grammar Is Important

    I couldn't resist.
  12. BENNY8877

    Get the Most Out of MicroWorkers/ Short Task

    Hey guys, I thought I would post some things that I have done with MicroWorkers and Short Task in the past for those that haven't thought of the potential of these sites. I'm sure that the first thing that most think of when they see these sites is to use them to fill out C.P.A. or click on...
  13. BENNY8877

    Sweet Bulk Page Rank Checker

    I recently shared a bulk page rank checker that is great for finding PR for a big list of article directories, etc, but I just found a better one that will take hundreds, and possibly thousands of urls at the same time. Find it here:
  14. BENNY8877

    Anyone Benefitting from EzineArticles Links?

    I was thinking about adding EzineArticles to my SEO routine, but before I put up with their annoyances I wanted to see if it would be worth it or not. Is anyone using them still in their SEO routine and seeing benefits from their links? Thanks,
  15. BENNY8877

    77 Free SEO Tools

    I had this emailed to me. Check them out, there is some pretty useful stuff. SEO tools
  16. BENNY8877

    Mass Page Rank Checker

    In my stumbles I came across a site where you can check up to 100 sites in order to find their Page Rank. This is great when you come across a list of article directories or web 2.0 properties that have no page rank included. You can only check 100 per day, per I.P., unless you pay. Here is the...
  17. BENNY8877

    Watch this If you are Having a Bad Day

    You know how when you are feeling down you can almost always immediately feel so much better when you see someone else whose life looks so much worse than yours? Well this is my gift to you my friends. When you are feeling down in the dumps, are feeling like your life is not going the way that...
  18. BENNY8877

    BHW Down

    Am I the only one that it was down for? It was down for over 24 hours for me at least up until this afternoon.
  19. BENNY8877

    Just Got Approved by Demand Studios

    I just got approved by Demand Studios which is the leading content provider for sites on the Internet. The reason that I am posting this is because I had applied before a couple of months ago and was rejected, so I re-applied with a different email and made sure that i gave my best writing...
  20. BENNY8877

    The Winner Gets a free $100 Adwords Vocher

    Okay guys, the first user to post the name of the movie that my Avatar is from will get a free $100 Adwords Voucher. Let the games begin.