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    Which is the fastest way to monetize YouTube channel?

    Buying watchtime is safe. I usually bot the views before botting the 1k sub to prevent drops of botted subscribers.
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    Best payment method for selling digital stuff ? (avoiding paypal)

    Payeer and Cash app are also options that you can choose as alternatives to PayPal.
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    [METHOD] Easy passive income through LinkedIn

    I have recently started focusing on LinkedIn for my cold emailing project. I will use your guide to see what other ways I can benefit from LinkedIn.
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    [Journey] My porn site journey to $200 per day

    Don't give up on reddit even if you get banned. Keep tweaking your methods because reddit is a good source of traffic.
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    [YouTube Journey] To make $2000/month with new channel (Already started)

    At some point you will need to hire VAs to assist you with uploading videos, so that you can create time for other things.
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    [Journey] My journey to $XXXX+ per month selling google voice accounts

    Are you using Dedicated Private proxies or Shared proxies?
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    [Journey] Growing an adult tube website - started on april 2020

    It is sad that you stopped working on this project. Scraping content and automating all the processes for content creation would have made things easier for you and it would create time for you to focus on other aspects that involve growing your website. Hope you pick up the project and continue...
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    Auto crypto trading bot journey road to 5k per month

    Trading by using bots can be very profitable depending on your setup, but how do you control losses?
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    My journey to clearing debts and earning $1k per month

    This is great improvement on your earnings, you seem very focused. Keep building your skills to earn more.
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    PLR - Which Niche to Choose?

    The first thing to consider is traffic generation and profitability in a niche. Then check if you have the knowledge and resources to sustain yourself in that particular niche.
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    12 Best Websites to Make Money Online

    I don't think so, I checked but I didn't see any information about that. You can check too. Bitcoin is not very stable in price right now, so I think it could be a concern for websites try to use it as a payout option.
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    Anyone know a safe way to create multiple adsense account?

    You have to use multilogin, but the verification process has become a serious concern. Changing your identity for multiple Adsense accounts could be expensive depending on your skills.
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    Is earning Online equal to a day job?

    Earning online is better actually because it has many especially because you will almost always be in a remote location working. When it comes to the earnings satisfaction generally, it depends on your country location and your financial needs.
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    Building auto generated content website empire with my own bot- roads to $5000 per month end of 2022

    10 million content into your 3 sites before June is a big target. Content quality is also something to consider, but I think you have got everything organized.
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    2checkout payment is now shitty?

    Fastspring is another alternative to 2checkout. Gumroad is also a good option.
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    Some tips to get a few $$ fast?

    Have you tried to use microworkers in the past? Picoworkers is another option to do small tasks and get paid.