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  1. davids355

    If you went to prison, which country is the best place to go to prison?

    To be honest I’ve not toured the international prison system but I’ve stayed at her majesties pleasure in the UK and I’m going to imagine it’s pretty “good” in terms of the amenities on offer, when compared to elsewhere in the world. having said that, prison isn’t nice no matter where in the...
  2. davids355

    Solana overrated?

    SOL is interesting enough to hold some of it indefinitely, in my opinion. Let’s see how it pans out. BTC, as others have pointed out, is compelling enough to hold onto indefinitely, for better or for worse.
  3. davids355

    MANA Decentraland - THE metaverse coin?

    The big ones in my opinion are SAND and MANA. Addidas recently bought a plot of land in SANDBOX, source - Samsung electronics recently announced plans to launch a virtual version of...
  4. davids355

    When was the last time you did good?

    Define good.
  5. davids355


    When you are playing blackjack (21s) you can follow something called Basic Strategy, in order to increase your chance of beating the house. For example, if the dealers first card is a King and you have 16, you hit. If you go bust, did you make the wrong move?
  6. davids355

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

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    Black hat world

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    tips to improve page speed?

    Update to this. I have been a big fan of WP Rocket and out of all performance plugins that I had used to that point, it was definitely the best. However, I recently moved to a new hosting platform (cloud infrastructure + full hosting stack set up in-house). We replaced WP Rocket with Litespeed...
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    Twitter Hashtag Research

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    What are your new years resolutions?

    I will try for something similar. At the moment I am around 15-16% I beleive. Do you have a strategy in place for it? I am going on a diet as of today (Slimming world) which is pretty good in that it makes it easy to eat healthily but I know from experience I can lose weight slowly and...
  11. davids355

    What are your new years resolutions?

    Good goal mate. are you aiming for a particular bodyfat percentage or what? I spent a lot of time on that last year and I found it very hard - I felt like I hadn't got anywhere but I think it just takes a lot of time. A year later and I have lost some definition from putting on weight but I...
  12. davids355

    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    Probably all the ones I decide not to invest in :weep::eek::p
  13. davids355

    What are your new years resolutions?

    I have been thinking about the new year - 2022 - and my resolutions which I know is a bit of a cliche but I also think its very important. For me I don't want to make it about kidding myself on that I am going to do loads of new shit, but its more about taking a second to reflect on where I am...
  14. davids355

    VidIQ free udemy course

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    Want to Reach $100 Daily with Quora and CPABuild

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  16. davids355

    How do you pay tax in your country?

  17. davids355

    Festinger Vault Wordpress Themes contain Malwares

    Sent you a pm. Please provide me the details and I will investigate. In the meantime I am closing this thread pending further investigation as we should not have marketplace sellers accused outside of the shitlist forum. thread closed.
  18. davids355

    Festinger Vault Wordpress Themes contain Malwares

    i highly doubt that malware would have gone unnoticed until now, from someone who has thousands of customers here. however, if you want to send me all of the details, compromised files, purchase proof etc I am happy to investigate.