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    Notice to Postpone Start of Trading and Withdrawals

    Just got this message any ideas what's up in the cryptosphere? Fellow Binancians, Due to a warning from a pre-trade check in our risk management system, we will postpone the start of trading and withdrawals. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the reopening of trading and...
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    What coin would you go all in?

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    Which trading platform to use to buy ICOs

    You can buy some ico's from Coss exchange. They have sort of a promo kinda thingy with various ico's.
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    Flicker Network – free distribution (DAG+privacy)

    I am also following this project keenly, I think after the Genesis launch slated for end of the month we might have an idea on what direction this new network intends to bring to the cryptosphere.
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    What's your top 5 Biggest Crypto investments of 2018?

    1. Deeponion 2. Oxycoin. 3. Rebellious. 4. Upfiring. 5. Coss.
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    So many coins & ICO, I'm confused! I wanna buy them all!

    Just a quick question @PinguSpy been holding onions in my wallet for couple of weeks now but cant seem to see any airdropped coins. You dont mind walking me through the process to get airdropped coins. My wallet is also synced with network btw.
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    Creating an Alt Coin. Need Advise.

    Sometime ago in this crypto section @PinguSpy asked if anyone was interested in creating an altcoin, maybe you should have a vibe with him/her.
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    0x ( Zrx) Sleeping Giant that can get you a 10-20x return

    It seems busy can not even sign in on this dex exchange Just got the following message: Thank you for your interest in opening a Bitfinex account. However, due to extraordinary demand, new account creation has been temporarily paused. Bitfinex focuses on serving professional traders. The...
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    Registration Issues

    Try sign up with Kucoin or Coss, and when you buy there coins you get a percentage of the trades.
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    [Guide] How To ACTUALLY Buy & Trade Cryptocurrencies

    Good thread btw, question is how do you withdraw back to fiat once you have made substantial gains on your initial investment?
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    [Trading Method] Simple strategy that I use for trading crypto

    @honestIM as per my query above on cashing out what's the best way to go about it, coz it would be a waste to make all gains and be unable to cash out. Am in Eu BTW.
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    [Trading Method] Simple strategy that I use for trading crypto

    What's the best way to cash out? Been making some gains but realised this is a volatile scene would like to cash out to usd/gbp/EUR to invest in other investments while still leaving a bit on crypto. Would bitpay and coinsbank be an option on small chunks.
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    Top 5 Investments for Crypto in 2018?

    1. IOTA 2. REQ 3. ADA 4. DENT 5. UFR
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    Best faucet to earn bitcoins !

    Pm me details please, this sounds interesting.
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    How I saw EXPLOSIVE Growth on 2 Small Alt Coins (Over 500% Growth Each)

    Is it possible to buy this coins via blockchain?
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    Money making schemes any ideas

    I am a newbie on this site so i'll kinda take it steady. Anyway i have a website and a couple of blogs have been tryng now for some time to monetise the sites. Ive tried almost everything that i do know but im hitting a brick wall. Am not able to make even a single dime,its actually become...