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  1. zodiamc

    General Question: Fiverr DA Moz Authority Gigs???

    I've seen some of those "We'll increase your Moz DA 60+" Gigs on Fiverr. How does that work? Are they blasting my domain with 100k links till my DA is over 60? Just can't really grasp what will be done. Would be glad if someone has answer for me :) Thanks.
  2. zodiamc


    Ok, I've checked right now and WHOIS is basically ILLEGAL because of the GDPR. Meaning, if you don't mess up with your IPs (how should you - cloud hosting anyone?) Google has now basically ZERO chances to figure out who's the owner of a website or blog. Or did I get something wrong?
  3. zodiamc

    GUIDE to HOMEPAGE SEO ... or something like that x)

    Hi guys, just wanted to share you some advice - i dont know, nobody is really talking about that and about keywords on homepage and stuff. Look, i've tested now more than 10 Websites and killed some of them in the process, just trying things out what works and what doesnt (i wanted to kill...
  4. zodiamc

    THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS - Ranking without words

    ok, i am really curious now. was there an update or something like that in the google algorithm? i mean i have now LOTS of pages which rank top positions for some keywords in the 5-10 range (no, they are not easy keywords, 2€ ppc keywords and there`s some competition going on) and they don't...