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  1. bekemew

    What are the best CAPTCHA services?

    Hi everyone, What in your opinion is the best captcha solving service in 2021?
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    Learn How To Use RankerX - GSA - Scrapebox To Get The BEST Results

    Here's the best source to buy GSA verified links
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    Learn How To Use RankerX - GSA - Scrapebox To Get The BEST Results

    Thank you for sharing. I starting one day building 100 backlinks by high authority sites(70-100). I hope that it's always be safe. Even though I've been using this tactic for almost 4 years now and haven't had any problems
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    Sudden drop after PBN link

    It's no problem. You shouldn't think about it. Here's a trick to rankings do come back quickly. Step 1: Open RankerX tool -> Choose 200 Premium sites(High quality websites) + Platform sites with DA50+(High Platform sites) + .Edu/.Gov lists + Forum Profile & Manually build some quality of...
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    Suggest Me the Best Black Hat SEO Software

    As others have already mentioned, RankerX & GSA is one of the main backlink automation tools on the market used in black hat SEO. It has definitely taken a hit since the rollout of the Penguin 3 & 4 algorithm but I still feel it has its place. I now use other link sources for tier one such as...
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    301 redirect to web2.0

    Instead of just removing the redirect, you should check the reason why your SEO was affected. Is the domain spammy? If this is the case, you should remove the redirect. Submitting a disavow file may help. Have you done the redirect correctly? When the reader clicks on a link from another...
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    Learn How To Use RankerX - GSA - Scrapebox To Get The BEST Results

    Google Organic result in Google Search has an average rate of ~70%. You achieved great results. How many backlinks per day are enough for this website?
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    i think so too. I used to use Money Robot, SEnuke, Magic Submiter,.. However, RankerX is only working on high authority/web 2.0 sites at the moment
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    When to start link building?

    There are no fixed rules or time to start creating backlinks but you should be consistent with backlink creation. I recommend, start creating backlinks after 45 days of website creation, be consistent and create only 5–10 backlinks per day.
  10. bekemew

    Anyone still using RankerX version 2.0?

    This software supports many websites for Tier 1 & Tier 2. - Tier 1: Most site Domain Authority score ranges from 50 to 100 - Tier 2: Most site Domain Authority score <20. I told you that I only focus on Tier 1. So, I didn't select all the sites to build backlinks for Tier 1
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    Anyone still using RankerX version 2.0?

    I'm using RankerX to: 1. Publish my own PBNs automatically (about 200 PBNs sites) 2. Using High quality websites from this software. and Yes... I don't use RankerX sites at all. In GSA, I'm using Blog Comment, I have saved quality blog comment pages and used only once.
  12. bekemew

    Anyone still using RankerX version 2.0?

    Yes. I still do RankerX for Tier 1. After a long time, I focus only on Tier 1. I have selected the quality sites of RankerX and GSA on my new projects
  13. bekemew

    RankerX Question? Making The Best Use of This Software.

    Yes. I importing Custom Sites and using the multiple Private Networks in RankerX. - Private Networks: I'm using it for Tier 1 - Custom Sites: I have only using Platforms like: Elgg, Question and Answer, Buddypress, ... for Tier 2 Others Platforms: Guestbook, Blog Comment,.. I'm using GSA...
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    What is the Best Tool For Tier 2 & 3 ?

    Yes. RankerX is the best tool for Tier 1. But GSA is better option for Tier 3 or Tier 2
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    OnPage SEO Tool

    - I use the majority of websites in RankerX. I often use Web 2.0 Profile premium, .Edu & .Gov sites, Forum Profile and Web 2.0 Blogs. Those are the things I use every day. - I'm also import my PBN sites into RankerX. However, I use it for the purpose of selling backlinks of Fiverr :D
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    OnPage SEO Tool

    I use a range of tools for on-page SEO analysis. But my favourites are: SEMrush Screaming Frog Google Search Console Search Engine Tuning
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    LOL - RankerX forgot to cancel their coupon code in Black Friday

    WTH? Here's a thread since 2018. So You Think You're Funny?
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    Which InDexer is working best Now?

    I using Speed Link indexer, I'm getting 50%-60% indexed RankerX links after 1-2 weeks. It's not bad while most Indexer services doesn't work now
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    Learn How To Use RankerX - GSA - Scrapebox To Get The BEST Results

    Are you using GSA for Tier 1?
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    Which Tools do you use?

    For Keyword Research: Google Keyword Planner Tool Keywords Everywhere For Technical SEO: Screeming Frog Woorank SEO Optimer Deep Crawl For Backlink Monitoring and Analysis: SEMRush SEO Site Checkup Ahrefs SEO Majestic Google Analytics and Google Search Console: Yoast SEO GTMetrix and...