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    Notification from BHW to Mobile/Desktop

    Hi, I would like to know how do you guys manage notification triggered in BHW to mobile and desktop ? Email notification is bit slow. I want instant sound notification to mobile and desktop.. Any suggestion is most welcome.. Thanks in advance
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    Logout Button in Mobile version

    I cannot navigate to logout button in BHW mobile view.. Can Someone help me to logout.. Thanks
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    Stay Focus...!!!

    How do you guys stay focus on work without distraction while work from home?? I feel its difficult task and looking ideas to stay focus. Thanks..
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    Garden to Hospital.. Sudden Twist.. Thank God..

    On 14th, I woke up at around 5 am sweating a bit in spite of it being a cold morning. A little flutter in my heart was all I could feel. Flutter meaning a butterfly flying from left to right inside the chest and disappearing. Got up walked around a bit and settled down. Did a bit of gardening...
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    Best possible anchor text..

    I would like to get some insight and opinion on setting up anchor text? Is it good to set exact match anchor text or Partial match anchor text? TIA.. Blacktizer
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    (Giveaway) Free Majestic Backlink report..!!!

    I am LITE user of Majestic. I want to spend some time for sharing Backlink report to anyone from BHW forum just to sharing of smiles... Just post here and PM me 1 url and I will share the link to downloads report. This offer is limited to first 15 posters only..
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    Pre Launch Affiliate Program Launch

    Hi Friends, I would like to know is there any platform which can give us the pre launch offer from Affiliate Network prior to at least a month ? Similar to muncheye dot com...
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    Best effective way to generate Traffic to PNB's?

    What is the most effective way comparatively to generate traffic for PBN. I used promoto in Social medai, Hight quality articles, engaging in other site.
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    Should I trust my instinct ??

    When I struck up in big trouble, should i follow my heart or follow my instinct ? I am proactive and predict early many times when things are on the way. sometime I make some change of direction slightly and wait for the process. sometime I take complete U Turn due to my instinct and ended both...