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  1. Mr Positive

    Stop calling it a crash it’s 12 days of Christmas Sale. Buy before it’s over.

    Calm down people amazing opportunity to buy and hodl, sell those houses, kidneys, Apple products and go for it. Remember the 12 days of Christmas sales won’t last forever. Not a financial advice. Cryptos is risky don’t ever invest what you can’t affford to lose or hodl for long term
  2. Mr Positive

    Disclaimer I have have noting to do with shibaTman (Batman) token

    Like seriously they launch in my name but didn’t offer it to me this World is so mean can use your name but won’t pay the price .... ,... ps don’t alert Warner Bro’s or Ben Affleck about me.
  3. Mr Positive

    How do you unblock a website on Reddit If it says blocked or spam filter

    Any way to contact them? Because site can’t get past spam filter
  4. Mr Positive

    Why am I seeing so many old threads suddenly bumped up?

    Is it just me or others too noticed it too many old threads suddenly bumped up?
  5. Mr Positive

    Cardano de listing buy or sell

    So Cardano been de listed by etoro time to buy more or advise to sell? What does BHW community think?
  6. Mr Positive

    I told you'll google is going broke but you’ll laughed - update on thanks giving day

    Not a coincidence biggest shopping time thanks giving, Black Friday and majority publishers are gonna lose money and google gonna gain, they’re going broke and resorting to shady techniques but no one can see this sigh if you want to be good holiday mood don’t check analytics or any keyword...
  7. Mr Positive

    Will Poch leave Messi and Psg for Manutd and Ronaldo?

    He has a chance to win a league title, coach Messi and other super squad members yet he wants to leave ir and come for Manchester United, this will be a shocker if it happens. On that note the last psg coach to come to premier league won them champions league and is in course to win them premier...
  8. Mr Positive

    How do you deal with IVT - invalid clicks, impressions on a Wordpress site

    So my client Was told he has high IVT, invalid clicks and impressions. It’s a Wordpress site, he has blocked some countries but what else can he do, the google article is generic and offers nothing help
  9. Mr Positive

    Whales, Experts, Visionary these exist on BHW

    I see lot of crypto threads posted here and these caught my eye Gather Network - 0.06 when posted touched 0.23 Avax shot up Cro the latest one 0,40 and 0.70 now Ach and Amp also have the potential and wait for it safemoon was posted here in April arppox the day’s leading to its rally...
  10. Mr Positive

    Calling in Applications for Manchester United Head Coach

    I don’t know if ashamed is a better word but the players , coach and boardroom all should leave horrible horrible and horrible football
  11. Mr Positive

    HYIP Scam in form of NFTs lol.

    So not sure who remembers but there were sites where you sent money daily interest would come, and you could withdraw good old days before I realised they only pay for few days before scamming. now they’re doing same with NFTs . Daily interest , instant withdrawal etc. DO NOT FALL for this...
  12. Mr Positive

    I just realised Baba Jii no longer visits us

    Do you miss him and remember that call which actually took place I don’t know why but I suddenly remembered it :D
  13. Mr Positive

    Sports site - Takes on what’s wrong with seo ans click bait awesome must read @bartosimpsonio tell me that’s you who wrote this this is by far one of the best articles I have ever read in sports, and how it connects with seo
  14. Mr Positive

    Bitcoin NFT are coming!!! Soft Fork upcoming do not trade pre and post fork for few hours

    Bitcoin NFT are coming boom and Bitcoin is to become even better and secured. Ps @bartosimpsonio i made you millions to support the vaccine drive, so you better deliver one bitcoin NFT lol. Others remember NEVER trade during pre or post fork for few hours 100% your chances your coins will be...
  15. Mr Positive

    I’m changing my name to Lorde Edge!!!

    what are your thoughts on this name and it’s already viral on Twitter and I have no idea what it means too. and no nope not doing it lol.
  16. Mr Positive

    Bitcoin crosses $66k is 100k coming this year :D

    Maybe and then again Maybe not but it came then it’ll be mother of all rallies and people will give up on $$ for sure lol :D
  17. Mr Positive

    Running a site purely on ads - make sure your ad network has these

    1) A solution for the death of cookie 2) fast loading ads 3) header bidding + prebid 4) video ads 5) MCM complaint in adx if in 2022 you’re with a ad network that doesn’t have these 5 things be prepared to lose lots of revenhe
  18. Mr Positive

    Barto, Gnews predictions spot on!!!

    @bartosimpsonio made a prediction for Avax when it was $15 I think, and now it’s $80 @GNews made for ACH and it’s rising well too. He’s made a latest one for AMP coin and there may be others who predict too, but I only kept my eye on them and it seems whatever research they’re using it’s...
  19. Mr Positive

    Good old days when we used to discuss traffic up and down but now...

    It’s just cryptos lol, not against it but I’m missing the threads where we tried to figure what hurt rankings, what google update will do will traffic go up or down anyone feels me?
  20. Mr Positive

    Which NFT you’ll suggest to buy very low budget ($10 plus fees)

    Okay so it’s November and my Birthday month and I have decided to buy one gift each year, and this year it’s an NFT I want but I don’t have much to spare so it’s come down to $10 + fees. I’m looking to buy from opensea but there’s so many now I have lost track, so what would you’ll suggest me...