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  1. Meijersmoney

    Why are blogspot/wordpress etc not showing authority on Moz?

    Hey guys, I recently found out that Moz doesn't show domain/page authority on web 2.0's like Wordpress and Blogspot. This makes me uncertain about the effectivity of the links. Anyone ideas why they decided to show 1/1 on pa/da? THanks
  2. Meijersmoney

    Thinking about making a blog about a TV show, but is it allowed?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking to make a local fan blog about a TV show. It seems to me like a good niche where I can describe about the different episodes and characters. But is it legal? For example, can I use photo's and videos from the show? Anyone who has experience with this?
  3. Meijersmoney

    Does this "not-clean" url affect my results?

    Hi guys, Hope you can help me with the following issue. Currently i'm working for a client who's in the jobs business. He's using a filter on a certain page. When going to that certain page, a filter is opened and this affect the url. For example, the url is...
  4. Meijersmoney

    What "self-made" links do still work after the last Google Update?

    Ok, so Google is busy improving its algorithm by no longer assigning any value to spammy backlinks. Would this mean that tier link building is dead then? The question creeps up on me whether link building makes any sense at all. Wouldn't it be wiser to focus entirely on content? Yet I want to...
  5. Meijersmoney

    Google Ads Scan template

    Hey Guys, I want to do a Google Ads scan for some customers and now I'm looking for a good template that I can use. Is there anyone who can provide me this? Let me know.
  6. Meijersmoney

    When is a page a tier 1 and when a tier 2?

    Hey all, I see a lot of opportunities for backlinks but I'm wondering how you guys decide if a certain page is tier 1 or tier 2. On which factors does it depend? Just DA and PA? Or spam score? Looking forward to your answers! Mmeijers
  7. Meijersmoney

    Do Google Sites links have positive impact on my rankings?

    Are Google Sites links any usefull in my rankings? Or is it useless to invest in these kind of websites.
  8. Meijersmoney

    Can anyone tell me if I can get do-follow links from medium?

    Hi all, Is there a way to get do follow links from medium? Adding links in a post gives you a no-follow links. Thanks!
  9. Meijersmoney

    I would like to make my own flight search form for an external site

    Hey guys, I would like to make my own search form for an external affiliate flight website. Currently, the affiliate company doesn't have a search form for flights but it enables deeplinking. So I was thinking, maybe I can make my own search form based on the deepurls. Does anyone know how I...
  10. Meijersmoney

    GMB post to mainsite, authority links to GMB post: does it work?

    Hey guys, i'm wondering if this will help my rankings. I made a GMB post with a more information link to my website. Does it increase my (local) rankings when I build authority links to my gmb post or is it useless? Looking forward to your opinion.
  11. Meijersmoney

    Looking for a SEA plan template

    Hey guys, anyone who can help me with a SEA plan? I want to present a strong plan to my customers and currently it's not in a structured way. Anyone who has an sea plan of sea audit or something? Mmoney
  12. Meijersmoney

    Is there an ebook alternative for print on demand?

    Hey guys, There are various websites where we can upload our designs and sell it to buyers. But is there an alternative for ebooks? I would like to write an ebook about my niche and 'sell' this on my website and earning my commission, like print on demand. Anyone who knows something? Thanks
  13. Meijersmoney

    Free alternative Unbounce

    Hi all, I'm looking for a free alternative for the (in my opinion) expensive Unbounce tool for creating landing pages. Anyone ideas? I tried quickpages but it's very very limited. Anyone?
  14. Meijersmoney

    Google my business two companies at 1 address

    Hi folks, I'm trying to add a company to a certain address, but GMB says 'double listening' because there are two companies at this address. Is there a way to fix this issue? Mmeijers
  15. Meijersmoney

    Switching from Elementor Pro to Oxygen/Bricks?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about switching from elementor pro to oxygen builder or bricks builder. What do you guys think about this choice? Mmeijers
  16. Meijersmoney

    What's the best course to learn Google Ads?

    Hi guys, Any ideas? What's the best course to learn Google Ads? Google Ads course itself?
  17. Meijersmoney

    Dutch Backlinks

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can place some backlinks. I would like to spent $25 dollars to backlinks and use some different anchors and urls. I prefer dutch websites but some if you have some nice quality non-dutch website let me know. Please let me know how many links you can...
  18. Meijersmoney

    Mass creation directory sites

    Hi all, Is there anyone who knows how to create mass directory sites? Mmoney
  19. Meijersmoney

    How to increase DA with Google owned websites?

    Anyone can help me figuring out how to increase DA with google owned website? A friend of mine said he has a method to increase the domain authority with it. Mmoney
  20. Meijersmoney

    Looking for a basic SEO audit document for a website that does literally nothing on SEO

    Hi, I'm looking for a SEO audit for a website that does literally nothing on SEO. They asked me to write a SEO report, but I found out they do nothing on it. So I would like to make an audit with keywords etcetera in it and some basic SEO opportunities to start with for them. Anyone who has a...