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    Getting Ouranked By A Much Smaller Site

    Hey guys I run an ecom store and have been doing my own SEO. For one of my lucrative keywords, there's a subdomain that's ranking no1 while I'm at no3 for a few months now. My site: DR: 52 RD: 34 Competitor DR: 2 RD:11 I optimise my onpage once per quarter so I don't think it's due to this...
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    My first working blog - Journey to $500/month adsense+affiliate

    Do you use both text or banner CTAs for your affiliate links? Which has a better CTR?
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    SpamZilla - Search Millions of Domains with Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush & SpamZilla Data!

    Hi Can I get the discount code please? Tks!
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    Product Pages Not Ranking (Ecom)

    Hey guys I have a product page in my store that I have been trying to rank for. When doing a competitor analysis, 7 out of the 10 results are blogpost about the 'Best of xxx' and 3 are authoritative Ecom store home page. I understand that matching search intent is crucial when it comes to...
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    PLR Ebooks with Give Away Rights

    Hey guys I've visited many top PLR sites looking to purchase ebooks for my niche as a free give away. It seems that many of them aren't allowed to be given away for free even after purchase. Are there decent PLR sites that have a good range of ebooks with Give Away Rights? Thanks!
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    Multiple GMBs In The Same City

    Hey guys Let's say i own a Car dealership called 'BHW Auto'. I recently opened up a car showroom and workshop at different addresses. For their GMBs, call I name the business title 'BHW Auto (Car Showrooom)' and "BHW Auto (Workshop)'? Will this be considered KW stuffing by Google? It would...
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    Bulk Check Post URLs That Are Not Indexed

    Hi I have a few sites that have more than a few hundred articles on them. I'm trying to check which posts have not been indexed and then use an indexer. How do i go about using Scrapebox for this? Or is there a better way of doing so? Also, I want to check that these posts are indexed in...
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    Ranking GMB Without A Website?

    Awesome. thanks mate :)
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    Ranking GMB Without A Website?

    Thanks for the feedback. By free GMB site do you mean the Google website builder?
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    Ranking GMB Without A Website?

    Hey guys I have a friend that runs a local business that uses FB to get clients. He has a GMB but it's not optimised and updated. He is keen on trying to rank his GMB as another source of leads. Is it possible for a local business GMB to rank in the map pack without a website?
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