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  1. falone

    [JV] My Programming skills + Your Idea/Marketing Skills

    Hey guys, I am a programmer and have decent experience in developing websites, android apps and automation. I can also customize Shopify themes. The recent project I worked on was the anime streaming android application where it automatically fetches the latest videos from the source and show...
  2. falone

    My Anime streaming APP(Android) + your traffic growing skills [JV]

    Hello members, I have worked on anime streaming app and I have the sources for almost all of the anime. (In future will be working on the website once this is stable.) I will be keep managing app, adding new tv shows and movies and all the backend work and expenses. Your only task will be...
  3. falone


    Ask me anything you need form Elements Envato Note : 1 request per day for each user. Hope you guys understand! :D Inspired by : Maruf Shekh's thread