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  1. IKbentim

    How to beat online stores with similar keywords?

    Hi All, Trying my hand at an authority site, most of it i've figured out but before i want to get serious i have one issue. With most of the keywords that i've selected the SERPS are taken by Amazon, Walmart, Ebay etc. (not other article sites). In what ways could i outrank them? My first...
  2. IKbentim

    How quickly does IG flag 'copyrighted' content?

    Hi All, Had this idea to upload quick clips from sports matches, i know on youtube they CAN flag those quite quick (doesn't always happen). Does Instagram flag these as well? I'm just thinking like NFL clips etc. Thanks
  3. IKbentim

    How can i 'elevate' my business/shop but also spend less time on it?

    Hi Everyone, I set up a shop on Facebook selling merchandise (sports merchandise) than i order from Taobao. Basically what i do is someone buys my item, i order it from Taobao and sell when it comes in i pack it and send it. Payments are made ahead. Per item there is about a 12-15 dollar...
  4. IKbentim

    Just counting my IM earnings

  5. IKbentim

    Can i use SEnuke X just to create hotmail accounts?

    Question, I just got a VPS with all these blackhat tools pre-installed. I did it for tweet attacks but i used SEnuke once and its absolutely amazing. Anyway at a certain stage it asks you to create an email address (hotmail,gmail) can i use it JUST to create the email addresses? Thanks...
  6. IKbentim

    Looking for email accounts for twitter AC

    Hi, Looking for around 100 emails + passwords for twitter account creator. Im new to this so the emails must work with AC.
  7. IKbentim

    My site was hacked! (how can i protect myself?)

    Hey guys, just woke up to the news that my site was hacked, was fixed in 2 seconds they only replaced the index. But how did they do it? Checked the logs for my server and the guy came from this site Now this basically tells...
  8. IKbentim

    Journey! To independence and selling my website.

    I've been trying and failing and after i got lucky with my Twitter account i started making $500 a month! Now $500 is okay.. but i rather have more. Got to thinking if i can combine some of my methods. I'm pretty good with Wordpress and webdesign so i don't have to outsource anything. What...
  9. IKbentim

    Looking for a gallery script with separate pages!

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a script/wordpress theme that is a gallery with different pages. Example: Doesn't have to be free! I can easily do it with html but i want something more easy
  10. IKbentim

    Posted an Ad about drugs got this amount of money

    Made me laugh :p
  11. IKbentim

    Should i start following people back?

    I'm now at almost 54000 followers and i'm only following my other 8 accounts. Is it beneficial to follow people back? My kloutscore is 69 would it increase if i start following people back?
  12. IKbentim

    Templatep2p is open!

    Hey guys Thought i'd let you know that templatep2p is now open for signups. Better hurry! :eek:
  13. IKbentim

    Templatep2p is open!

    Hey guys Thought i'd let you know that templatep2p is now open for signups. Better hurry! :eek:
  14. IKbentim

    Google and Facebook removing content in India?

    Just read this in the news. Wonder how Indians here feel about it, there's a lot of outrage online about this. Quite a lot of members here are from India so i'm wondering if it's as bad as people are making out.
  15. IKbentim

    Can you stop deleting threads?

    What is this? Is this some kind of Kim Jong Il fan forum where we can only praise the dear leader? Stop deleting threads! If they are against policy close them with a message why the thread is closed. Otherwise people will never learn what is allowed and what's not allowed. Some thread...
  16. IKbentim

    Netflix outside the US?

    Was wondering if anyone here is using Netflix outside of the US? I found a good VPN service already. When i want to make an account is asking me for an US paypal or US credit card. Any way around this?
  17. IKbentim

    Now these are the kind of figures i like to see!

    And my klout is 69! Pretty good for a money twitter :D
  18. IKbentim

    Who is doing this super blackhat twitter thing?

    Been seeing this a lot on twitter.. its making people tweet this weight loss niche site. Even celebrities with over a million followers were a victim.!/search/Want%20to%20lose%20any%20weight%3F Anyone know who this is? Might be going away for a long time if they ever...
  19. IKbentim

    How can i 'upsell' my twitter fiverr gig.

    I have a twitter account with almost 52k followers and 8 following. (all natural followers never followed anyone else). And i posted a gig on fiverr yesterday. Was wondering how i could make more with these gigs? What can i offer them? I've seen that if i follow someone with this profile and...
  20. IKbentim

    Who bought a $5 logo from fiverr?

    Hey guys, There's two high rated logo sellers on fiverr. I was actually wondering if someone here had bought one of the logo's before? They uploaded some example and they look great (100's worth). I know $5 ($3.92 for them) is nothing but the example logo's look great. So i was wondering...