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  1. dennisyu

    Google Ads relevance and quality score

    Google tells you your QS and how relevant your ad is right in your account.
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    Yeah supply of onions offer

    That is either a framed offer page or a LP to capture emails which redirects to the offer page. That advertiser always uses the same type of LP and they are never like that.
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    Used Luxury Goods

    What is the name of the company?
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    Can google ads ban the credit card?

    A legit agency does not operate how you think they do. They are not just copying everyone's campaigns into a personal ad account. I don't know what you are thinking, but no one here is smarter or richer than Google so it's hard to fool them. I ran a campaign with an agency only to test whether...
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    Any ideas for travel related niche during covid 19?

    Ideas? Lol. Nothing is going to change until quaratine restrictions are lifted so you just have to deal with it and work on something else. You can thank politics for that. Or work on promoting local travel within that area or region. I'm in this market as well and have been working on e-comm...
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    Can google ads ban the credit card?

    I had one account few years ago that got suspended. I then used that same ad and domain with an ad agency and it ran fine with no issues ever. Google bans users, they don't ban domains unless they detect something malicious or it's been flagged. If i'm running an Amazon ad and my account gets...
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    500k installs = $90,000+ a month

    You can say anything is capable of making 90k+ with the right traffic. But be prepared to burn some money to find out where that traffic is, especially if it is something someone has to download and install. I only ever see these campaigns running on pop networks. It also does not have to be a...
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    Can I have "?" in my link?

    The display URL has to be clean, so you just want to use you top-level domain or a sub-domian or directory. Then put the other URL with the ? where your tracker URL goes.
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    Adwords suspended for suspicious payment when there is no method added !!!

    When you make an account and they figure out who you are or who they think you are, they will show you the same reason why a previous account was banned. So either you had a previous account that was banned or maybe the IP of that email address you bought is flagged.
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    People might notice Ebay’s shipping label or invoice if the seller includes one.
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    Program was just aired (The Influencers and the Knock-Offs)

    Yeah, those are scammers and idiots, indeed. They sell the items at least 3x its worth so they don’t care because they will still be profitable by the time their accounts get shutdown. I’ve been watching one seller who keeps changing their domain like every other week so that’s obviously a...
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    Program was just aired (The Influencers and the Knock-Offs)

    Can't view that video as it's for UK only, but you sound like the government or mainstream media when you use the word "scam". A scam is when someone markets an item as genuine, but it's not. Copying a design of an item and then selling it for $45 is not a scam, illegal sure, if it contains...
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    Amazon seller ban

    They are verifying accounts before you can sell by asking for a scanned government ID and copy of a bank statement. Not sure when they started doing that or if it's for all accounts, but sure you can try.
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    How to temporary pause campaign without affecting the optimizations?

    The irony of what your ad rep said is that pausing your campaign will affect your competition which will then have an affect on you. Competing ads will benefit whenever you pause a campaign and that will affect your results. Increase in clicks means a better CTR, which means better ad...
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    What am I missing?

    Does not matter what you are doing online, it all starts with the traffic. You need to make a bunch of ad groups and test different targeting.
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    If you invested $10,000 in Kodak one minute ago, you'd have $437,122,500 right now.

    Playing the stock market is literally some of the easiest money you can ever make.
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    Potentially buying an "automated" Shopify store - help

    Use your brain OP and stop trying to look for an instant winner. I sense this person is a classic fake-it-til-you-make-it guru. If he could guarantee himself results like that then he would create stores and flip them for five or six figures. But instead he wants to babysit someone for 5k and...
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    Jeff Bezos is now personally worth more than Nike, McDonald's, Costco, and almost 50% of the Dow

    When you become super rich, the number in your bank account no longer matters. One billion cash is no different than 10 billion really. It just becomes a number to measure worth and success. Of course no human will ever need that much.
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    $100K Dropshipping Story (Long Read)

    Paypal might hold funds on occassion, but that is uncommon and that is not what their buisness model is based on. Funds are usually always available.
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    $100K Dropshipping Story (Long Read)

    Great job, buddy. There's a lot of great pointers and advice in your post that I can relate to and went through myself. Hopefully people who read your post will absorb some of the gems contained within it.