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    Google analytics unified view / rollup

    Does anyone know how to see all your metrics in google analytics combined into one across multiple properties? There's google data studo - but that has a limit of 10 properties. There's EKM services - They charge $150-500 minimum per month Google analytics 360 - Native rollup dashboards, only...
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    Using AI + Automation to scale multiple sites to a total of $1k/month

    Technology Static hosted sites Custom content generation engine, transformer based (no rewording / spinning, all content is unique) Content evaluation engine, similar to surferseo but less focused on onpage seo and more focused on content quality evaluation Site 1 ~130 articles published...
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    [Journey] Scaling POD automation

    I'm currently trying to hit 50k designs across the top 4 POD sites (RedBubble, Zazzle, Teepublic, Society6). My current uploaded design amount across all of the platforms is 2k designs each. Generation Process I have developed modular software to generate POD merch. There is currently 4...