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  1. SEOMadHatter

    ProxyGo Turns 52 Today

    Happy birthday sir.
  2. SEOMadHatter

    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    That... is tempting. I thought I'd leave NFTs alone for a while and get back to some IM work but Splinterlands might be fun. It doesn't really matter how late I am at this point. I'm not holding SLP or breeding teams anymore, just ETH. I buy an Axie and it flips within 48 hours - usually sooner.
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    10 Weeks and $10,000. Let's Try Rushing an Authority Site.

    What was that, three months ago? The organic traffic hit a new all-time high yesterday but it's nothing to write home about. I kept the writer on to keep the content dripping out but I've not really done much else with the site at the moment. I've found another use for the existing traffic I...
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    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    I've not been great at keeping up with case studies lately. Too many projects on at once I guess I kind of burned out a little. I'll get a proper update together but this project is still running. This was the last month or so. It really should have been higher but there's been some problems...
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    Italian man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm

    A solid argument for retroactive abortion.
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    Amazon Affiliates - Google Pushing a New Product Review Update

    I'd be very surprised if this was the case for average affiliates. No worries. A mix of both is a good idea. What they say and what actually works doesn't always match but it's a good idea to know at least roughly where they're headed.
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    Amazon Affiliates - Google Pushing a New Product Review Update

    Blog post from Google yesterday. I've highlighted the important bits. TL;DR: Use unique images and links to multiple sellers, not just Amazon. I've heard the use unique images argument before but it's a hard one to quantify. Reviews with unique images rank better but reviews with unique images...
  8. SEOMadHatter

    Faceless Cash Cow YouTube Channels Case Study: Scaling 3 Channels

    Wanted to put out a quick update on the Cash Cow case study. I've got a crazy example of a faceless YouTube channel and a quick update about where my channels are and what I'm planning to do going forward. I'll be honest, I didn't get as much done as I'd like in October so far. I've been busy...
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    All SMM Down??? What...?

    It's a CMS. Think hosting on (not .org) a bunch of people use them but if they go down so do all the client sites.
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    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    I’m slow on updating case studies lately I’ve bitten off a couple of projects at once. Luckily this one is pretty passive although I really do think there’s an opportunity to flip floor Axies for anyone with a few spare hours familiar with GraphQL. Current breeding cycle ends in a day or two...
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    A productivity tip

    +1 I don’t install messengers or anything that beeps on my work laptop and my phone lives on mute. People get used to the idea that you’re not constantly on call.
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    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    Sadly not. Considering the money at play I’m sure there were a shit ton of bots on the raffle so my hopes weren’t high.
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    New Google Update Rolling Out?
  14. SEOMadHatter

    How to sell youtube channel without getting scammed?

    I don’t see anyone being dumb enough to pay $20k in crypto for a YouTube channel. It’s already risky enough.
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    How I Outsource My Faceless Cash Cow YouTube Channels

    It comes under fair use. They’re way too big to be breaking copyright. That said - there are also plenty of ways to do this without relying on fair use.
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    How to sell youtube channel without getting scammed?

    Made friends with one of the staff there a while back and he said there was some shit with their escrow. Used it for small stuff but wouldn't go near it with $20k. Also probably wouldn't go through PayPal with that kind of thing. is probably your best bet.
  17. SEOMadHatter

    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    I'd loaded up to try and mint a Mekaverse NFT last night which is handy. Going to YOLO a bit and load 6,000 SLP into the account which is enough for 20 days of breeding. At 40/day that's $800 profit so that'll cover the $100-150 gas fees I'm going to have to pay. Starting a new breeding cycle...
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    Axie Infinity Case Study to $50/Day

    I'm definitely behind on an update for this so I'll bang one out quickly. Let's start with the bit everyone wants to see. We're up about $700 so far. Breeding Overall, good. We've made a profit of a few hundred bucks however the market has gone up so even if we did nothing we'd have made...
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    Content Rewriters

    Not an affiliate or associated with them but AppSumo has a Rytr deal here. It's not going to produce readable content at the click of a button though. Out of the two, Jarvis probably does a better job but I'd say that's because it changes a lot less of the text. Either one is going to need some...
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    Its Friday

    Does this mean another flood of COVID vaccine threads for two days?