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  1. bekemew

    What are the best CAPTCHA services?

    Hi everyone, What in your opinion is the best captcha solving service in 2021?
  2. bekemew

    Anyone still using RankerX version 2.0?

    Hi guys, Has anyone tried this new version yet? If so please give me your review. Thinking about updating it. Thanks, Bekemew,
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    110+ High Domain Authority Sites To Get Valuable Backlinks

    Hi there, Here is the full list of websites I'm using almost every day. I hope this can help you get a nice rankings Websites DA PA 96 80 95 81 94 95 94 82 94 81...
  4. bekemew

    What SEO tools do you regularly use?

    Hi BHW members, I'm using... 1/ — Backlink Checker & SEO Report 2/ — All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals 3/ — Keyword Research & Strategy with Keyword Planner 4/ — Google for...
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    LOL - RankerX forgot to cancel their coupon code in Black Friday

    I just bought a new license with BF2018 coupon code. it's not now expired. LOL :D :D :D
  6. bekemew

    Wiki Sites Footprint

    Hello guys, I want to scrape some Wikipedia/media sites with Scrapebox and run with RankerX. Does anybody knows what another footprint should I use? Main Page"discussion"edit This page has beenaccessed"Privacy policy"wiki This page was last modified on This page was last modified on "wiki"...
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    Dream of Every SEO Professional

  8. bekemew

    Download high quality websites

    Hi all, I want to download a list of RankerX tool and send to my friends How to download Thank alot for your help Best Regards!
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    Need writer for web marketing website

    Mod Notice Recently we have changed the rules in the Hire a Freelancer and Want to Buy forums. Members who get around these new rules by PM'ing the OP will be given a temporary ban, no exceptions. Please read about these new rules here...
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    High quality sites of 2017

    Today I'm sharing a site list of High quality sites of 2017 from which you can increase your link building and it also help in boosting your SEO Web 2.0 Sites List
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    Link building strategies for 2017

    A solid link building strategy is key for reaching SEO success. There are many different approaches, Can we discuss together? I will share an overview of my approach: * Tier 1: (MANUAL - I always do Tier 1 as manually and RankerX) + Expired domains/PBNs - Web 2.0 blogs: I post the 20...
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    Main Factors| On-Page SEO Techniques for newbie

    Title —Title tags are used to tell search engines and visitors what any given page on your site is about in the most concise and accurate way possible. Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display. If you keep...
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    Merry Christmas

    Hey guys just wanted to say Happy Christmas to all and happy new year. I've been amember for nearly 2 years . I have nothing else to say then Next year will be a better year.
  14. bekemew

    The best SEO tools for 2016 you should be using

    Hey guys, Here are some tools + information about it that I use frequently. It's not just effective, it's super effective! Tiered Link Building - RankerX(free trial for 7 days) for Tier 1/2 - GSA($99)/Scrapebox($97) for Tier 2/3 - Fiverr(paid) Competitor Analysis: - Ahrefs(free trial for...
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    The best traffic tool - increase website traffic and boost alexa rankings

    Hello everybody, Can you tell me know the best traffic tool to increase website traffic without rankboostup? I really appreciate your help Thank you and best regards! Bekemew
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    High quality sites list of 2016

    Here is the high quality sites list of 2016. It helps me a lot to my SEO work. Submission Directory 94 91 54 45 54 53...
  17. bekemew

    Looking for a VA to work with RankerX

    I am looking for someone who can work with RankerX to create web 2.0, manage Private Networks, wordpress self-host,... I will provide: RankerX licence, proxies , captcha service, indexder,... If you're familar with the tool PM me. Best Regards! bekemew
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    The Best SEO Tools of 2016

    Hi BHW Community, Here is a list of some of the best tools in the SEO business currently that I feel effective: Tiered Link Building - RankerX, GSA Competitor Analysis - Ahrefs, Moz Content Creation - Best Spinner, Kontent Machine Email Marketing - Aweber Hosting - Webhosting.Ninja ...
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    Seo service penguin safe RankerX campaign Get Fast Ranking

    Hi Everybody. Today, I would like to introduce about my RankerX Campaign. What includes in each campaign : 1st Tier Links : - Private Blogs - Web Profile (premium) - PDF - Article Directly - Bookmarking(premium) 2nd Tier Links : - Bookmarking - Web Profile - Social Network - Forum - Wiki...