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  1. darksoultrip

    This is why SHIB will skyrocket!

    Tesla leak was real can confirm.
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    ⛔DON’T TRY TO FOOL GOOGLE IN 2k21 ⭐ Long-Term SEO Strategy ⭐ Crowdo Links ⭐ From $7/link ✅ FREE TRIAL

    Stan was great to work with. Very professional. Loved the report, it's so clean and simple, yet powerful. The backilnks helped my site already, a recent competitor outranked me on Google & Bing. This solved the problem on Bing, I'll have to put a little more effort into to fix it on Google...
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    You Own Ultimate Expired Tumblr/Twitter PBN! Up to 80+PA/DA ✅✅ Start From $0.5 (Free Copy)

    I'm interested in the Discount, sending you a PM.
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    Celebrating my first 354$ working online

    Very inspirational! What type of landing page are you using? Are you collecting email leads?
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    BLESSED TRAFFIC - Boost Your SERP CTR & Alexa Rank With a Smart Traffic Exchange Solution

    Can I do a review? I'm very much interested and will sign up for your service. Username: darksoultrip
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    Running multiple accounts from the same machine advice

    Depends on the network. Some you can get away with using Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Data Center Proxies and using Firefox Container Tabs. Others you need to use a service like Ghost Browser and Mobile or Residential Proxies.
  7. darksoultrip - Automated Reddit Upvote panel [ 0.1$ ]

    at least you have a good sense of humor about it. hope you didn't lose too much!
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    Reviews copies: Fresh reddit blank accounts

    I'm interested, even though I'm not one of the first. I can make accounts in a couple of minutes w/ a bot though.
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    Question for those with experience with Reddit

    You really have to build your own subreddits and funnel traffic. Sure, you can try other subs and test the waters, but you might get banned. It's easier to move them to a different subreddit and then promote your offers.
  10. darksoultrip - Automated Reddit Upvote panel [ 0.1$ ]

    Just curious, why were you all working with this person that was clearly an asshole to their customers from the start?
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    Sorry, I don't know what is bitcoin

    we found one!
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    Tesla will soon accept SHIBA as a payment, here is why:

    Pretty crazy they would leak something like that in the code.
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    [METHOD] How to get traffic on Pinterest

    What do you think?
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    Creating Reddit Accounts Manually / Good Reddit Proxies

    You can use a VPN without a shadowban. I've created 100+ plus accounts this way no problems. * Make sure you re-use the same IP when re-logging in or use a proxy to re-login and always re-use the same proxy. I also have 50+ accounts on semi-dedicated and dedicated proxies I've used for months...
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    Easy Earning With Micro Niche Sites Only $30

    Sent you a PM thank you!
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    Is this code safe enough to password protect a page ?

    I would set a session variable after successful login and check for that the session variable on the grantaccess.php page along with any other pages where a user must be authenticated to be view the content. Check the session variables first as you have to do this anyway. To be a coding...
  17. darksoultrip

    Is this code safe enough to password protect a page ?

    Right, his grantaccess.html would need to be .php and it would have to ensure they're authenticated before showing the content.