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  1. evamenders

    Gambler players what's wrong with my page no download ?

    Hi to all, May you help me please here the page look template nice but i never get downloads please may you help me thanks a lot
  2. evamenders

    What can i do with JR Vip ?

    Hi to all simple I am JR Vip so what's up 1-section 2-what can i do please thanks a lot
  3. evamenders

    What do you thinf of my new page please ?

    Please visit my page and tell me what's wrong thanks a lot
  4. evamenders

    How to get your Y0utube channel looking like this blackhat dude?

    where's the text please ?
  5. evamenders

    Better external link or internal for a new domain ?

    Hi to all, What's the best info you make pages in a new domain 1- linking other domains good pagerank 2- make 10,000 new pages in your domain 3- make both thanks a lot
  6. evamenders

    Want 2 real gambling deposits players today how do it please?

    Hi to all good morning, End of month arrive, bills too and i want please Want 2 real gambling deposits players today how do it please? (like casino say a little $20, no more) how can i do to promote and get results as quick as i can please? thanks a lot enjoy :D
  7. evamenders

    Casino with youtube or casino with pages that is the question :-)

    Hi to all, Good question does it ? :confused: Confused me yesterday when saw poor visit with youtube in some casino videos i have ? (yes i only try youtube can try more of course). But what's the best 1- domain name with new pages 2- only make videos online 3- do both thanks a lot
  8. evamenders

    How do you boost 200 youtubes videos ?

    Hi good morning to all, How can you boost 200 videos, what's the best way 1- number of visits 2- number of comments thanks a lot have a nice day :p
  9. evamenders

    What's maximum comment per day per video the best ?

    Hi to all, Just want to know please if you make a vidoe and open multi accounts to give comments what's the "most natural " 10-30 per day or less ? thanks a lot :p
  10. evamenders

    How do you change a video in youtube ?

    Hi to all, Just want to know if it is possible to change a video in youtube, all the time you have to deleted? So is it possible or no ? Thanks :)
  11. evamenders

    Youtube error 400 since 2 hours you too ?

    Hi to all since, Since 2 hours i have this error in youtube i use firefox. 400 Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Cookie: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=qOTwiGSA40c; PREF=f1=40000000&uvdm=1...
  12. evamenders

    Is there an alert new videos per keywords on youtube ?

    Hi to all, Just saw someone for 1 of my favourite keyword put more than 10 videos. I just want to know please if there is an "alert" for exemple a keyword when there is a new video online please ? thanks a lot :D
  13. evamenders

    What's wrong i can not promote nothing at all ?

    Hi to all, I use all system i know to promote 1- RSS 2- Blogger and ping each message 3- making pages in free hosting and ping each one 4- youtube and tube increaser (it works for me because i use in free for all mimes videos only 1 time during less than 40 minuts) but no downloads some...
  14. evamenders

    How do you boost your youtube visits ?

    Hi good morning, Just want to know please how do you get more visits to your youtube video? After you put online if you nothing or really need to wait a very long time so how do you promote them please ? (number of visits does it really affects or is the content the key or both?) thanks a lot...
  15. evamenders

    Where and How make an auto template generator ?

    Hi to all, Here is the trouble i have a template with 10 casinos, and i want to generate a special new template and different descriptions each time. Because do it by hand imagine the time you need too ????? Or it's better to make 1 page per casino or a template with 10 ? (when you...
  16. evamenders

    Where people look first to get the most visits ?

    Hi to all good evening, Just want to know please where people look first to get the most visits ? 1- page you submit in RSS 2- RSS only 3- blogger 4- youtube or more ??? thanks a lot enjoy :pcguru:
  17. evamenders

    Why never get blogger results in pingomatic ?

    Hi to all good morning, Just want to know please why when you look rss exemple online casino you never see a blogger results ?? - - same if you look online casino so why please blogger is so famous and not in...
  18. evamenders

    Normal 265 new pages only 86 real clicks ?

    Hi to all, Incredible you need to work like a machine to get 1,000 real clics in exemple 265 new pages only 86 real clicks uffffffffffff (and no download for the moment)?? Incredible, if you want to get 1,000 real clics each day?? :confused: How does who use free hosting win real money...
  19. evamenders

    Gambling is dead all managers gone 1 by 1

    Hi to all, And 1 more :confused: Since 8 companies in gambling poker, casino bingo now i have only 3 (with 1 troubles of banners). All managers gone away from those companies. I think Gambling online is dead, tons or thousesands hours arround panel for a misery incredible .... change...
  20. evamenders

    How many pages to get 1,000 real clics per day ?

    Hi to all, Looking to get 1,000 real clics per day in gambling i make tons of pages troubles only small traffic arround 10 real clics per hour. So how do it please ?? thanks :pcguru: