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  1. Emilzeta

    Need Youtube views

    Hello, I need 100.000 views delivered to a video! Hit me up on skype or here if you got something! Lets talk! Skype: Rumpx98
  2. Emilzeta

    keyword research freelancer

    Hello, Looking for someone who could provide me with larger amount of adsense keywords during a period of time. Hit me up if interested!
  3. Emilzeta

    What phone???

    So I am in the matter of getting myself a new phone! I am interested in the Google pixel 2, but sadly it can't be sold in my country, so yeaaah, that is out of the question. But please, any tips and thoughts? I do travel a lot and go on a lot of adventures so a good camera is a big plus...
  4. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    In need of a few fiverr reviews, I'll send you 8$ for doing it! Only want accounts that are aged well and perhaps has a higher level! PM me!
  5. Emilzeta

    Backpacking Asia - Where to?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Me and my better half decided to go for a packpacking trip to Asia sometime 2018. I have done some research but it is so hard to tell since it seems like there are sooo many places you should go to! We are going for at least a month, and would like to visit AT LEAST...
  6. Emilzeta

    Dailymotion revenue

    Anyone every made any profit on Dailymotion? What's required to start making some Revenue there really? I signed up a few days ago and added monetization on the video and I have recived about 6k views and still says 0$. Not that I expect it to be much no, but still curious to see if there are...
  7. Emilzeta

    Broadband issues, help a man in need!

    Hello, I recently moved to a new apartment and came across some broadband/internet issues. It all started with me noticing pretty massive lag spikes within mostly gaming but could even be told once in a while by just browsing. I decided to contact a local store whom are the providers of my...
  8. Emilzeta

    [FREE] Limited Time 1000-2000 Web Traffic

    Hello! I am today here to giveaway some free web traffic for limited time. I'll provide you with around 1000-2000 page views on your website. Blackhatworld has under the year provided me with so much knowledge so I feel like it is time I give something in return! Requirements? - 25+ posts -...
  9. Emilzeta

    Provide website, I give traffic

    Hello, Doing some testing on a personal project, I am running web traffic. I could use some websites to test on, I'll provide 1000-2000 free web hits with the hope of getting low bounce rate, high retention and a good spread geographic content. Feel free to contact me on skype: Rumpx98
  10. Emilzeta

    Need aged instagram accounts

    Ohoy! Just as the title states, I am in need of instagram accounts, aged ones and good to go! In need of 5 ones! Add me on skype: Rumpx98
  11. Emilzeta

    Best instagram bot?

    Hello, the best replacements for Massplanner and Instagress nowadays ? Cheers
  12. Emilzeta

    Mass email to musicians

    Hello, Perhaps a pretty weird and tough request, but this is BHW, 'amma give it a try! Are anyone able to help me out with sending mass emails to musicians all around the world, I'd like to make some advertising on my job! Please if possible or want to talk further, hit me up!
  13. Emilzeta

    Buying Fiverr reviews! 3$

    Eyo hoyoi, I am in need of some reviews for my new Fiverr Gig, I'll pay you 3$ extra over what you paid for the gig. Your account must be a few months old and purschased a few previous gigs!
  14. Emilzeta

    Amazon aStore retiring, thoughts?

    Hello, I was just announced by Amazon themselves that they are retiring the amazon affiliate option of having an aStore by October the 27th 2017. According to Amazon it is because they do not see success enough from aStore sites, and according to them "aStore usage is very low among the...
  15. Emilzeta

    Tips on dropshipping supplier?

    Hello, My name is Emil and I've been thinking quite a while about heading into the dropshipping business! I was thinking about heading into the Swedish marketing since the international is quite tough at the moment! However, to the point, who would you guys recommend as supplier? I know...
  16. Emilzeta

    Youtube views

    Hello, I am in need of youtube views, and I know there are a lot of smm panels providing, but recently since the youtube update barely anyone can provide decent views! Please hit me up if you can, I got quite some views to order!
  17. Emilzeta

    LF Designer for a Flyer

    hello, just as title states, I am looking for a designer to design a flyer for my "business". I am not spending a lot of money, looking for something simple and clean and can be done rather quick! Hit me up if you want to make a small amount of money, but really easy!
  18. Emilzeta

    The best VPN provider?

    Hello, as title follows, I am curious what company provides the best VPN ? Pretty much everyone run the exact same monthly price so I am not sure who to pick? Leaning towards, PureVPN, IPVanish or ExpressVPN! Any thoughts or recommendations?
  19. Emilzeta

    LF Amazon affiliate website creator

    Hello! As title says, I am looking for a good content writer with a great taste of style to make me an amazon affiliate website! Not something super expensive though, rather easy! I'll of course pay for the host and domain! skype: Rumpx98
  20. Emilzeta

    Affiliate marketing experience

    Hello blackhaters! I have been studying the affiliate subject past weeks and eager to give it a try. I'll begin with amazon as a starter then proceed from there depending how it goes! Can you share your experience on affiliate marketing? Have you worked within the business? Any success? Any...