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  1. Spartan_001

    A video that had a million visits has stopped having practically visits, How to Analyze?

    I have a video with more than one million visits but I really do not have much idea of why you have stopped having visits. Could someone give me some tips to be able to analyze better because this can be happening? Does anyone have any explanation or something similar has happened? Thank you...
  2. Spartan_001

    new content or improve page suggested for search console?

    Hi all, i have a page with more than 3000 words with the main keyword "computer screen". A lot of traffic comes from keywords that are in H2 for example "types of computer screens" but that is not exactly the main keyword of the article, according to the search console. What should I do with...
  3. Spartan_001

    How to configure pixel to sell diferent item in same store!

    Hi, My question is: I have to configure the pixel to sell multiple objects on the same store? or It is NOT necessary do anything? If it is negative answer, this won't adulterate the pixel data? Cheers
  4. Spartan_001

    mexican trafic not converted Amazon affiliates

    Hi all, I have a lot of mexican traffic in one of my websites but i can't convert this because i don't have a bank account on mexico. There any way to make this bank account. I am not from mexico and this is the problem. Anyone guys solved this problem? How you did that?
  5. Spartan_001

    Where to buy instagrama Account with followers?

    Anyone knows where and how to buy instagram acoount between 3k - 20k followers?
  6. Spartan_001

    How can i register to affiliate amazon mexico outside

    Someway to register to affilite amazon program mexico without a bank account on mexico ?