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  1. HaxTuTorial

    Scammed By CoolMartin

    I am selling social media services on my panel - The user, @CoolMartin deposited $1452 in total over the course of a month then on the 23rd out of the blue disputed all the...
  2. HaxTuTorial

    followerliker captcha not working?

    I have made all the necessary settings for followerliker, set captcha setting to remote, Enabled captcha/entered login details in the deathbycapctah section, tested and clicked save, yet the software never detects instagram accounts that require captcha verification, status is always "OK" but...
  3. HaxTuTorial

    Best instagram software for managing 1000s of accounts?

    What is the best instagram software if one needs to manage 1000s of accounts? I am not looking to automate tasks such as liking/following/commenting...etc just to automate the process of uploading pictures to 1000s of accounts. I know there are already many bots that have such features, but so...
  4. HaxTuTorial | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Once you have registered post the username you used to register on this thread, so I can set the reseller rates - reseller rates are available for everyone! Exclusive Features *Dripfeed option for youtube views, youtube likes, twitter followers, retweets, instagram likes, soundcloud plays...
  5. HaxTuTorial

    500 USA Twitter retweets/favorites/custom tweets|Dripfeed|Automatic for everyone!

    I need to test my new tweets/favorites/custom tweets so what better way to test it than to give them away for free? I have several options for whoever wants the free service. 1.Normal - [means you just send me the link and i give you retweets/favs/custom tweets 2.Dripfeed - I deliver but with...
  6. HaxTuTorial

    Is accepting 5 figures/month via paypal a bad idea?

    I use paypal for a significant portion of my transactions, on of my clients always wants to pay with paypal. I receive about $5k/month from him, should i tell him to start paying through bank transfers/western union/non-reversible means? Feel like i have given him all the power, cause even...
  7. HaxTuTorial

    Do internal 301 redirects pass 100% link juice?

    I know external 301s don't pass 100% link juice but what about internal 301s? e.g -> - would 100% of the link juice be passed? Simply put, if wordpress is backbone of money site is it better to just install in root or can I get away with installing in directory...
  8. HaxTuTorial

    Is google secretly tracking us through google fonts?

    Am i the only one who thinks disabling is a good idea? since after all google could use to to see how many visitors we are getting,how long the visitors are staying on our site...etc which doesn't seem like much, but think about it from google's perspective, a new website...
  9. HaxTuTorial

    Am I being too paranoid?

    For each google account I ensure they have different private ips, supercookies are deleted, and flash/java is disabled. I do this so any possible browser finger printing google employs will be of little use to them. For those that don't know about browser fingerprinting visit -...
  10. HaxTuTorial

    How many articles for my money site?

    How many articles do you think is enough for a new site? Each article would have atleast 500 words.
  11. HaxTuTorial

    Too much for new website?

    For a new domain(2 weeks old,no real backlink profile, but have added 3 articles to the site and onpage SEO is pretty good) is it okay to boost it with diversity links, social signals..etc and high pr blogposts at the same time? or should i just boost it with diversity links first, then high pr...
  12. HaxTuTorial

    How valueble is 1st page on google?

    Okay, I know first page is very valueble but i'm just wondering, how many sites on 1st page those the average internet user click on? Have any statistic experiments been done that could answer my question? I tried to look but all i could find was statistics about click rates, organic vs paid...
  13. HaxTuTorial

    Youtube view providers

    Have been testing many view providers and it seems every 1-2 weeks regardless of which provider i use the boosted vids get taken down. Just wondering is this the case for all view providers, its possible I haven't tested enough? Maybe some don't get taken down on a periodic basis?
  14. HaxTuTorial

    Can social bookmarking cause negative SEO?

    I recently hired someone to do some SEO for me. As soon as his social bookmarks where visible on google I noticed my traffic was dropping, dropping fast. Could this be coincidence or due to bad SEO? The traffic started dropping about 2 days after he started the social bookmarking. All the...
  15. HaxTuTorial

    Could this be the end of SEO?

  16. HaxTuTorial


    I have noticed almost none of the people providing social media services(likes,followers,comments...etc)with reseller panel have API support. Why is this? If you are a serious reseller wouldn't it be annoying having to manually submit all the urls to the panel?
  17. HaxTuTorial

    How long do fake social media stats last?

    In general how long do purchased twitter/facebook/instagram followers and likes last?
  18. HaxTuTorial

    Easiest way to verify paypal account

    The easiest way I have found to verify stealth paypal account is to use a name+address of someone that already exists, like the actual name and address must match. Not sure how well this works for US but it works here in UK, what i'm wondering is why don't more people use such methods? Maybe I...
  19. HaxTuTorial

    Human views vs botted views

    What is the difference between human views and botted views? I have come across sellers telling me they can get my real human views that youtube will pay for, but if that's the case why sell it? Why not just use the real youtube views for themselves? Also doesn't youtube pay per ad click, not...
  20. HaxTuTorial

    Why hasn't google stopped us?

    Sometimes i wonder, why doesn't google simply remove youtube view services from their search engine to stop people buying and selling views? They seem to do so with youtube videso relating to buying/selling youtube views, so why not with websites? Is it possible google will one day blacklist...