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    COMMENT "CRIKEY" FOR 20% OFF! Q: Do you accept gambling, illegal, adult porn or drugs related websites? A: I accept all kind of niches. Q: Can I get traffic from this backlink? A: This is a niche relevant backlink. You have a chance to get traffic. But traffic is not guaranteed. Q...
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    [From Scratch] Let's start a Blog!

    This journey is one of my first journey building a blog from scratch! I'm teamed up with a great friend of mine, we both have a little knowledge about IM/Webmarketing. We are both passionate about the fitness/health industry so here we go, let's give it a shot. I'm grateful to be among...
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    ▶️Powerful DA90 Niche Relevant Do-Follow Reddit Backlinks◀️ Starts @10$

    I will keep it simple, no fancy design thread, I will go straight to the point. Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet with 1.7 Billion Monthly Visitors with 70% of the visitors are coming from the US. I am one of the few, if not the only one, Reddit sellers that know...
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    Looking for a Web dev for a website creation

    Hey everyone I'd like to purchase a custom website related to my service (a payment gateaway must be integrated) I have samples in mind so you can have an idea of what I'd like to have. Feel free to send me a message with the previous work you have done, Thank you
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    WTB 2 Fiverr Reviews

    Hey I'd like to buy 2 Fiverr reviews, from old Fiverr account. I'll pay 7$ for each review :) Thanks!
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    ✅ Reddit Services - Frontpage guaranteed, Upvotes, Do follow Backlinks & more ✅

    Reddit, basically of the most popular sites on the Internet (as of February 2018, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors, ranking as the #4 most visited website in U.S. and #6 in the world). 57.4% of its user base coming from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 7.5% and Canada...
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    Proxy that works for Reddit?

    Hi guys, sorry if the question has been asked multiple times. I own a reddit bot and I'm looking for a Proxy provider that supports Reddit, do you know any? Thanks a lot, have a good day all.
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    Long Term Instagram Journey to $XXX/month

    INTRODUCTION After my last Instagram journey which was a "success" - made more than $100 ($140 exactly) by selling two accounts - I'm back on a long term journey! My accounts are mainly pets niche My Goals: Hit 20K on my main account (1) Hit 10K on my second account (2) Hit 5K on my third...
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    From 0 to 100,000 followers {FACEBOOK}

    Hi guys, Happy to see you all again! This time I'm starting a Facebook journey, previously I did an Instagram one and it worked really fine (goal completed!) I can't reveal my niche at the moment.. _______________________________________ What will I do : I will use Facebook ads, $2 max...
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    When to start monetizing my Blog?

    Hi guys, so last week I've made a blog (Wordpress) about travel and secret niche. I'm pulling around 200 visitors (300 view) per day. I'd like to know if it's the good moment to upgrade my blog to business and start monetizing it Thank you very much!
  11. netalgo122

    Looking for someone (who knows OGADs, CPAGRIP) to help a noob

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to help me to understand better the world of OGADs and CPAGRIP, I'm starting from scratch, I've watched Videos recently about it but I still have some issues with those two You can contact me on Skype: netalgorithm122 I will be really really grateful! Thank you
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    Followliker (liking) error

    Hi everyone hope you are all fine! So I was running a new account (1 year old) then I set up the like settings (500-525 likes per day) but FL keep telling me that : "Last response code: 400 -> feedback_required Sorry, this feature isn't available right now An error occurred while processing...
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    [Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them

    First BHW journey in a while, feels good to be back. I want to share my journey with you guys so we can maybe learn from each other! First goal: Sell a shoutout For this journey I will use 2 accounts: 1/ Fitness/Motivation niche (Account A) 2/ Travel, pictures (Account B) I'm running those...
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    Netalgo Instagram Journey Beautiful Places Niche 50k Goal

    Hello guys, back on the game! My current stats for the moment: DATE FOLLOWERS FOLLOWING 02/16/2016 5,436 5,655 Daily Follow: 500-600 Daily Likes: 700-720 Goal: 5,436 â–º 50,000 8,19% of my goal Likes received: 24,947
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    Looking for fiverr reviews exchange or start a new fiverr review exchange group

    How it works:- 1. I will buy your gig and you buy my gig and after completion, we will leave each other raving awesome reviews. This is not a free exchange. Pre-requisites:- 1. You need a fiverr account 2. At least $5 in your fiverr account or paypal 3. Gigs to promote My skype ID is...
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    My FL won't unfollow anymore

    Can someone help me please? My FL doesn't want to unfollow anymore, even after 7 days, I can do it manually tho
  17. netalgo122

    I'm about to start an humour facebook page, need some advices please

    Hey guys! So as said in the title, I'm about to start a Humour Facebook Page. I've already got several ideas, scrape photos on Instagram etc.. But I have some questions first, for those who have a lil community, how did you start to gain likes? My thoughts were to make my own advertising on...
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    The quality of my pictures sucks on Instagram

    Hi guys! So I'm taking some pictures everywhere on the Internet (google image, tumblr) and when I upload it on Instagram, the quality SUCKS, I tried to improve it with Photoshop but it didn't work, could you please help me? :) If you need an example, do not hesitate to PM! ^^
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    FollowLiker- Instagram - Settings!

    Hi guys, I just bought FollowLiker, I'm actually setting it up, I'm new to Instagram, my account is old like 2 months or so, I was watching a video of it then I had some questions that came to my mind: Q: 1. I'm actually in the settings: Scrape User Query...
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    From the Bottom to the Top [IG Journey]

    Hi guys! Long time I wanted to do this journey (last one was Fiverr, it has been a completely GREAT sucess.) Thanks to the people on this forum I'm ready to do it now! I will not use a bot right now, I prefer to wait 2/3 days. I will follow, for the moment, 15 people every 30 minutes, no...