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  1. Monzani

    Build your own Payment Service Provider

    I don't know your country and nationality, so it is recommended that you make this research The one I know of is Banco Sabadell in Spain, I have seen some sites using this to receive card payments.
  2. Monzani

    Build your own Payment Service Provider

    You will not be able to accept mastercard, visa, etc. easily I would say your best bet is to set up a business bank account, some banks offer this payment processing service directly, without having to rely on paypal and other similar companies
  3. Monzani

    Bitmart exchange hacked for $200 million

    My money at Bitmart remains untouched, I am sorry for those who lost money
  4. Monzani - The most Ugly service provider I ever know

    Yes, Njala's support seems to be organized by debauched russian children with problems speaking English and extremely ironic in their responses.
  5. Monzani

    Suggest good upcoming metaverse projects in 2022

    I invested in RMRK, ATLAS, TLM, BLOK and UOS. Check these out and do your own research
  6. Monzani

    ⭐ Promising Domains For Resale

    Domains still available
  7. Monzani

    how to accept Paypal payments without having a Paypal account?

    Your best oportunity is to buy a high quality proxy and create a stealth account. Warm that account for a few months/weeks and good luck.
  8. Monzani

    Huge crash

    Well, I bought VLX, UOS, FTM and TLM in this sale, if it stays low I will buy others
  9. Monzani

    Huge crash

    Is it too early to buy ?
  10. Monzani

    [Million Dollar question]

    Staking 2M USDT
  11. Monzani

    Do you have Paperhands or Diamondhands or are you still a...

    My mother used to say that I'm like the inverse of King Midas (and the golden touch), literally the shit hands, then I would choose this option
  12. Monzani

    F for easystealth - Best service I have ever hired at BHW

    I saw that has been banned from the forum. The justification is that they are breaking the law by selling accounts. In fact, they sell stealth accounts like many here. If I create a [WTB] asking for PayPal, Revolut, Stripe, Wise, etc. accounts, there will be a lot of Jr.Vip...
  13. Monzani

    Binance on Facebook

    They have a license to prove they are a serious company and not a bunch of teenagers trying to promote Elondick Coin
  14. Monzani

    [WTB] Russian Google Ads Account

    I'd like to buy a russian Google Ads account You can PM me or comment here...thank you
  15. Monzani

    MY ADS Stop working from last week

    Are you creating messaging campaigns to get sales? And was it working months/weeks ago?
  16. Monzani

    Why are ads failing this year.

    iOS 14 update, maybe Anyway if you are able to create ads be happy, there are thousands of ad accounts being randomly banned these days
  17. Monzani

    [] Facebook Credit Cards

    Interested on review copy for JR Vip, if it's still available
  18. Monzani

    Do you think Google can detect content created with conversion ai ?

    I believe that if this were to happen, many low-quality but handwritten texts could be unfairly classified as AI-created content.
  19. Monzani


    Go back to sleep and let them talk alone, honestly, I wouldn't worry about it
  20. Monzani

    Best crypto to invest ?

    Nice shitfolio Now it's time to build a real portfolio