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    [Q] Finally Secret Revealed Youtube Keyword stuffing way to get millions million views?

    Hi Happy New Year everyone. I just found this video. just check the description box full of hashtag and keyword stuffing and huge views. this video is trending so those who are trying to get more views. just follow this youtuber secret technique. so what you think guys.. is it new way to...
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    Made 4 qualifying sales in Amazon Affiliate but still no channel review from them.

    Hi BHW I've recently completed the first 4 orders on my amazon affiliate account. but, what now? Will my account be automatically approved? Or do I have to apply for approval? If so, how do I do it? Thanks for reading Have a great day
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    [Q] How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2020?

    Hi BHW May i know The fastest way to get free stuff/samples on Amazon? I heard lot of ppl are getting free sample for review purposes. And making out huge money profit by making review video through affiliate program. I have purchased few best sellers product did the review on...
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    [Q] is tag spamming hit an algorithm on YouTube?

    Hi BHW My question is Placing excessive tags in the video description (“tag stuffing”) is it new to get views on youtube? Even youtube algorythm is promoting those tag spam video everywhere. Dont you think it's a good way to get maximum views in 2020. use tag spamming for 24 hours and...
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    [REQ] Popular Meme Sound Effects?

    Welcome friends I need free popular memes sound effects mega pack or big collection pack. Do you guys know where i can download memes sound collection. Thanks for reading Have a great day
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    [Q] How do I make a website for free and use it for affiliate marketing?

    Hi BHW Hi recently i applied for amazon affiliate program and i have included my youtube account in website column while filling up the form for first time and i submitted it to amazon... i got a mail stating YOUR AMAZON ASSOCIATES PROFILE IS SET UP AND THERE ARE JUST TWO STEPS LEFT UNTIL YOU...
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    [Q]How to know real time clicks reports on amazons

    Hi BHW I sending lot of organic traffic to Amazon. But i am not able see the numbers of clicks per hour. Why i have to wait 24 hour to get link clicks views report? Anyone knows how to see live traffic clicks on amazon? Thanks
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    What is the most selling products on amazon

    may i know Which specific Products that are most in demand and selling online on amazon?
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    [Q] How do I get 800 subscribers fast?

    Hello BHW. I have recently completed my 4k watch times on my new yt account, all i need now is 800 subs to get monetised. I am finding difficulties to get remaining 800 sub. Any idea how to get 800 subs fast?
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    [Q] Is there any Free site for twitter phone verification?

    Hi BHW Well i am looking for any freely available website which provides free phone number to verify twitter.. do you guys know any such sites? Any suggestion is welcome Thanks
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    [Q]We've temporarily limited some of your account features?

    Hi Yesterday twitter have locked my account and Although it says I can continue if I pass a google captcha and give them my phone number. I dont want to give my phone number twitter.. please help any suggestion is appericiated. Why twitter need phone number, i dont feel safe giving my phone...
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    Amazing Trolls Made Song Out Of Someone's Game Commentary

    Hi I just found a troll channel who has created a song album from someone game. commentary.. So my question is that even possible isnt it against youtube rules? This troll channel got alot of views by doing this.How come the channel is still running with alot views? Here is the Video link
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    [Q] Any good Youtube Comment Scrapper?

    Hi BHW I looking for youtube comment scrapper online. Where i can copy the link of the video and extract/retrive all comments of that specific youtube video. Any recommendation/suggestion plz Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    [Q] How to find/know/search news channels website comment section without visting the site?

    Hi BHW I posting my question on this section, about site comment section google search. If i have posted in wrong section plz forward it to right section. Once again, i am sorry if i have posted in wrong section. Ok here is my question How do i know if any news website has enabled his comment...
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    [Q] HOW TO upload a thumbnail without being phone verified on youtube 2019! (for uploading videos!)

    Hi BHW May i know how to upload custom thumbnail without being phone verified?. Recently i have created some dummies accounts for testing purposes. Well dummy account is working fine till now but my only problem is i dont a thumbnail in my videos of my dummy youtube account. Is there any method...
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    [Q] How to find tweet rank/positing in a trending hastag

    Hi guys Is there a way to know about our own tweet rank position in trending hashtag? Most of the time its so much difficult to find my own tweet under trending hashtag i have to keep scrolling on to check out my tweet position. So my question is is there any simple method to...
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    [Q] Is this most under rated niche on youtube?

    Hi BHW A youtuber made a video on random people trolling and making fun of "wings of redemption" and he got 1.5 millions views within 24 hours how's that possible?? What i think is either he is buying views or else it's a golden under-rated niche found on youtube. To be honest this wings of...
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    [Q] Can i make a reaction video of this funniest video on youtube, will i get a copyright strike?

    Hi BHW This is the most funniest video on youtube.. This is a great show They will just tell truth and people take it as joke. . Video is so funny..I have idea, i think i can make some views of out this video. i just have to download it with little bit editing skills and add some commentary...
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    [Q]Good to go with this Football review channel?

    Hi BHW, Today i saw a channel. and i find it quite interesting one.. he post football news, and make image slideshow + adding copyrighted football game video and adds own voice commentary thats it. and he has very huge fan following 500+ sub with 100k plus views daily. So my...
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    [Q] How to download free photo/images of world politicians ?

    Hi BHW, Does anybody know any specfic site where i can download free politician photo/images/free stock footage video ? i tried to find in google and visited lot of free stock photo sites but still no luck.. guys do you know any website, please suggest me some of them. thanks