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    Getting Ouranked By A Much Smaller Site

    Hey guys I run an ecom store and have been doing my own SEO. For one of my lucrative keywords, there's a subdomain that's ranking no1 while I'm at no3 for a few months now. My site: DR: 52 RD: 34 Competitor DR: 2 RD:11 I optimise my onpage once per quarter so I don't think it's due to this...
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    Product Pages Not Ranking (Ecom)

    Hey guys I have a product page in my store that I have been trying to rank for. When doing a competitor analysis, 7 out of the 10 results are blogpost about the 'Best of xxx' and 3 are authoritative Ecom store home page. I understand that matching search intent is crucial when it comes to...
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    PLR Ebooks with Give Away Rights

    Hey guys I've visited many top PLR sites looking to purchase ebooks for my niche as a free give away. It seems that many of them aren't allowed to be given away for free even after purchase. Are there decent PLR sites that have a good range of ebooks with Give Away Rights? Thanks!
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    Multiple GMBs In The Same City

    Hey guys Let's say i own a Car dealership called 'BHW Auto'. I recently opened up a car showroom and workshop at different addresses. For their GMBs, call I name the business title 'BHW Auto (Car Showrooom)' and "BHW Auto (Workshop)'? Will this be considered KW stuffing by Google? It would...
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    Bulk Check Post URLs That Are Not Indexed

    Hi I have a few sites that have more than a few hundred articles on them. I'm trying to check which posts have not been indexed and then use an indexer. How do i go about using Scrapebox for this? Or is there a better way of doing so? Also, I want to check that these posts are indexed in...
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    Ranking GMB Without A Website?

    Hey guys I have a friend that runs a local business that uses FB to get clients. He has a GMB but it's not optimised and updated. He is keen on trying to rank his GMB as another source of leads. Is it possible for a local business GMB to rank in the map pack without a website?
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    Good Anchor Text Practise for Inner Pages

    For those of you that have ecommerce sites or money inner pages, what anchor text guidelines do you follow? I've been reading up on this on the forum and it's a diversified ratio between, exact, partial, branded, etc. I came across an article by Ryan Stewart who says that proper way of...
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    Number of Backlinks Vs Competitors

    I got a couple of keywords that are on the lower half of pg 1. The top-ranking sites are rather authoritative and are ranking for the keyword with just a few backlinks. Is it possible to get a penalty if my backlinks are way more than theirs even if i use safe anchor texts? Or would the better...
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    Taking Over and Existing GMB

    Hey guys. Need some feed back from the GMB experts out there. I got a friend who runs a car dealership. He recently rented a space that will be his new car showroom. However, the GMB that uses this address has been claimed by the previous owner. I understand that he needs to 'request access'...
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    2 Pages Competing For The Same Keywords

    Hey guys On my site, I have a product page and a review article on this product. The review article has been ranking for some of the keywords that I've been wanting to rank for the product page. This is most probably due to it having it more content and inclusion of LSIs / longtails. Is there...
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    Ranking for Seasonal Events

    Hey Guys What's a good way to go about ranking for Seasonal Events like X'mas mother's day, etc.. Lets's say I want to start ranking my ecom product page for Mother's day 4 months in advance. Would the the results from the keyord research be accurate? Even the results from Google would most...
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    Replacing Backlinks

    Hey guys I'm looking to replace some of my rented PBN links with a few guest posts. The PBN links aren't that great and I'm wana clean up my backlink profile. is there a proper way to go about replacing old backlinks with new ones? Thanks!
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    A Question About Duplicate URLs

    Hey guys I got client who runs an ecom store on WIX. He has a product page that I'm currently building backlinks to. He recently mentioned that he is planning to delete the page and re-create another similar page with the same URL due to some errors he has been getting. I understand that I...
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    How Should I SEO My Sites

    Hey guys I've 3 affiliate sites that are ranking rather well in the health niche for the relevant KWs. One site is ranking top 5 and the other 2 between 11-15. A couple of months ago, all 3 were ranking in the top 5 of page 1 but there has been some back sliding after the recent algo updates...
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    SEO On A Tight Budget

    Hey guys There's no denying that SEO these days does require time and money. Let's say you have about $150/month to spend on SEO on a low-mid competitive niche. How would you spend it to try and rank your keywords.
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    Tracking My Site Visitors to Facebook

    Hi guys I'm running a local business site that's ranking pretty well for a few major keywords in my niche. The thing is I'm not getting many queries from my site (contact form/call tracking) but a lot more from my FB messenger. I have a hunch that my visitors will check my site and then look...
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    Ranking Fluctuations on Page 1

    Hi Guys I have an affiliate site that is ranking on pg 1 for 3 variations of a medium high competitive KW for a few months now Let's call these 3 KWs XYZ, XYZ reviews and XYZ review. I'm still building backlinks to the site every month rather consistently but the rankings are all over the...
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    Local SEO for Product Heavy Niches

    Hey guys For niches that are selling products offline, like doors, commercial printers, how does one go about building out the home page for such niches? I'm more familiar with service based niches which is easier to build content top optimise on page SEO. But for a service like selling...
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    Having Multiple Facebook Business Pages

    Hi guys. I'm not someone that's well versed with FB, hence your input would be greatly appreciated. At the moment, I have a few affiliate marketing and ecom sites. My plan is to create a unique FB business page for each site to run FB ads. In the past it was easy since I could create...
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    Important Social Profiles

    Hi guys Besides the usual big social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Pinterest, what other social profiles will you setup when setting up a new website/business?