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    i have made a BLOG 2 months back, and now i am seeing this image on my blog page. What does it mean???? Thank you very much in Advance
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    Plagiarism - is this perfect and accepted

    So, i copied content from a Russian website and used google translate to translate the text in English. I used website smallseotool and prepostseo website to check plagiarism. and the above picture is of smallseotools. So is the post really uniqe, or free tools might put me in trouble. please...
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    Please Rate my COPY PASTE Editing skills

    Hello Freinds, I have started a blog 1 month back, Started to writing post. Now started to take material from other peoples blog. please rate how i have edited it from the original post. all types of review welcome :) i am using free SMALLSEOTOOLS for plagiarism checker, but it is taking toooo...
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    News Site Still Pay??

    Hello Friends, Does Entertainment NEWS Sites Still pay?? Need your Valuable info
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    FREE Ahref Keyword list etc

    requirement 300 posts and message "BHW is BEST FORUM" My subscription ends on 9th, will help PM me keyword and your skype id also. First 10 to get this Peace be upon us all
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    [Giveaway] Ahref Keywords search

    Freinds with above 300 posts, First 10 to comment, "BHW is Best Forum :)" get this My Ahref Group buy is ending in 4-5 days. I will do free research for you, with filters KD MAX 30 and Traffic MINIMUM 1k. some SERP results etc. whatever i can give you. if you have never used Ahref good...
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    Can i use other any Pic availale on google on my BLOG

    1st time started blog. Stuck on some technical chart pic. creative common pic not available .neither on pexel, pixabay etc Should i create my own chart with the drawing. or any other place to buy it. Every help is appreciated. Thanks in ADVANCE
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    Chinese Agent/ Store/ Manufacturer for toys

    Hello BHW Friends, Help me Need to Buy Gifts/Toys for My children Want to Buy RC Toy Car and another gift for my Girl 7years. Can I have a Chinese Store website etc, where I can it get at a good price, shipping time doesn't matter. Would be grateful to you. Best regards, Stay Blessed
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    Will My Idea Work :rolleyes: gmail + Udemy

    Review My idea, Just came to MIND :) As there are so many people uploading FREE UDEMY courses here. Step 1 : Join BHW Step 2 : Make Gmai Step 3 : Join as many FREE UDEMY courses belonging to a certain course. Step 4 : Selll that GMAIL Title :FREE XYZ Courses worth 100-200$:
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    YouTube Changed Display / Interface

    See the change Was it previously like this????
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    Which TAB/PAD to buy for Children.

    Hello all, Good day. Due to Online Schools, studying on Mobile is seeming to stressful for the Children's eyes. Thinking of buying something with a BIG SCREEN. What are your Opinion on a Medium Budget TAB/PAD or any other devices to buy for Children for School purpose and also much related to...
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    YT Channel Buyer - Don't Angry, Chill

    SO, I Created YT channel I Put 4 video of 1 Hours. I Send 1k Hour on each Video. I send 1K sub to the Channel. I Complete 4k watchTime I applied for Monetization, Goes, InProgress. NOW CLIMAX Monetization In Progress, 2 days later watchTime drop to 3.4K Hours. 4 days later it drops to...
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    NFT - Is this Crazy

    So, AnyBody can Sell Anything that is Famous, for Any Amount ........
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    POD Idea - Might be Useful

    Came on watsapp, thought of sharing Might be Useful
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    BLOG- Automobiles, target - USA HELP in reviewing

    Hello all, Good day I was thinking of starting a BLOG, and as i myself have a GARAGE, automobiles will be of a known and easy topic for me to cover. i can cover repair work, maintaince, cleaning, New launches, etc as topics, targeting USA, UK and english speaking countries what is your opinion...
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    Vegas Pro cracked

    Any body has Vegas pro , free download link
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    Abbreviations BHW & IM

    Hello all, Good day. It has been 4-5 months since I joined BHW, and I am still not known to all the Abbreviations that are used here. It took atleast 2 months to Understand that OP means Original poster. Today a new term Came NFT. still confused. YMYL - thanks someone said the full form What...
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    Blog content question.

    Hello all Good day. Can I rewrite content that is available to me in my local language, local publication and translate it into English and Post that content on my Blog. Will that help me, Is it Worth it. Will I get ranking etc, as I still have no idea about blog and earning from it. Any and...