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    Development experts, WordPress or custom?

    Hi guys Need your opinion on what platform is best suited for a real estate portal such as trulia, realtor. Com and the likes Is WordPress a solid and robust enough platform to build a potentially a big website such as the ones mentioned or what's a better solution? Many thanks
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    Looking for DMCA ignored hosting With Good support

    HI People Looking for DMCA ignored hosting With Good support with servers ideally located in Asia, Its for an ecommerce store selling a bunch of western branded products, nothing shady. Just don't want to be seeking reselling authorisation from a bunch of brands so need a host that will ignore...
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    Mainstream media reporting COVID vaccine side effects
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    Can this get a PayPal account banned?

    Will transferring money from a stealth PayPal account to a legitimate PayPal get the legit account banned.?
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    Hostthename has REALLY DROPPED THEIR. Anyone else having problems recently??

    As the title says, Hostthename is really testing my patience. Their servers now seem continuously down and support seem clueless. Anyone else having noticing this?
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    Question for Experienced Social Media Marketers

    Hi guys i am in need of some advice from an experienced social media marketer... I am looking to outsource social media marketing and as a client, i want to know what i should expect from a good WHITEHAT social media marketer? Apart from monitoring followers, fans, likes and post counts...
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    What offer/ monetization would you suggest for this...?

    Hi Guys I have a couple of videos posted (related to dancing) that have done reasonably OK and would like someone's advise on what offer or how to best monetize the vids? Adsense is not an option. They have been viewed around 400,000 times in the last month. Its not huge but is it worth...
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    Is it worth posting links in tweets nowadays? I noticed this...

    Hi I was browsing twitter and noticed that a MOST of the tweets are now from mobile phones. I'm talking like 90% plus! That made me think, is it worth posting links in tweets these days considering many of the users may not even bother opening your link because they're either restricted by...
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    [WANTED] - Need Fresh, Motivated Property Seller Leads for UK

    Hi I am looking for leads of motivated property sellers who are looking to sell their property fast in the UK. Here are the requirements: Must be laser targeted from motivated sellers The seller's outstanding mortgage must be less than 60% of the property value. Can be filtered by asking the...
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    [GET] - $2.95 .com domain

    Hi Guys I just registered a new .com at g0daddy for $2.95. I registered it in UK using cc. Code: 295COMS i hope it works for you guys cheers
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    WANTED URGENT - Need a Virus Cleaned from My Site

    Hi I am urgently looking for a very experienced programmer to help clear a virus from my site. The site has various scripts running. This is the script injected to g00gle web tools: <script type="text/javascript" src="hxxp:// c/media.js"> All help will be greatly appreciated...
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    Can copying competition’s campaigns bring same success?

    Hi I am new to Adwords because I only currently rely on SEO. But I have discovered 3 competitors who are enjoying big level of enquiries from their Adwords campaigns. My question is..if I took the URL's of these sites and fed them through keyword spy and spyfu and then almost copied their Ads...