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    Internal Linking Help

    Hello, I've a site with 100+ articles. I need to revoke internal linking of this site. But my site earning about $20 per month. So I can't spent big amount. And difficult to do this manually. Is there any way I can get link whisper plugin for a cheap price? Or what is the best alternative for...
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    Best Free Serp Tracker

    Hello Can you guys suggest me what's the free serp trackers you are using? I only have less than 15 keywords to track daily. I do not want to pay for this. Can you suggest me a good free serp tracker?
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    Get a VCC

    Hello, I need to get several $1 trial of Surfer SEO. I'm from an Asian country. Can any one suggest me how to get unlimited VCC to get this?
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    Help on removing posts page from sitemap

    Hello, Is there anyway I can prevent indexation of below urls from my site? Does Yoast has such option. It can prevent indexation of Categories. But not this posts pages. Do below urls can cause content duplication issues on my own site?
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    Improve site revenue

    Hello, I've a web site which is ranking on first 3 places for 3000+ search volume keyword and 1st place for two 500 search volume keywords. Broader Niche is laptops. Currently it is monetized with Amazon Associates. It is getting about 60 organic visits daily through google. But it is only...
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    selling website help

    I have a 2 years old web site. Which does not generate any revenue. For the last whole year it earned only $20. Organic visitors are about 60 per month. Site has about 40 unique articles. I do not spend time and effort on this site. So I need to sell this. I haven't sell anything on flippa...
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    Keyword Over Optimization Help on WD

    Hello, I have noticed that even if we maintain a good keyword ratio in the wordpress post, it get lots of duplication because of the meta data when I check the source of the page. Some of the meta data I noticed which makes keyword overoptimization. (I'm using Yoast) meta name="description"...
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    Cookie & Privacy policy Help on niche site

    Hello, I'm running a niche site targeting adsense and amazon affiliate. Targeting country is USA. With the frequent changes of the cookie and privacy policies, I'm confused to how and what to add to my site. Can someone please help me to understand what should I add to my site to make to legal...
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    Google Search Console indexed URLs issue

    Hello, I was going through the Performance tab of my GSC. I noticed there were several URLs there from the same article. Those were changed by the hash values. They were created by the table of content. Ex: This is my article: And I found several urls from...
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    amazon associates tax interview help

    Hello, I'm not from USA and not a US citizen. Amazon Associates sent me a mail saying my tax information are about to expire and take the tax interview again. I do not have aa TIN number even from my country. Is it ok if I fill the tax information as below? Will they deduct the 30% tax from my...
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    Mobile Page Speed Issue

    Hello, I have a site which I'm trying to rank. It has page loading time as below according to GTMatrix: 1.3s in web 4.5s in mobile Waterfall as below: Web Mobile: Can someone help me to identify the reason for the loading time delay in mobile version. (Site is not AMP enabled.) Thanks...
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    Alternate page with proper canonical tag - Help

    Hello, There were 2 pages marked as "Alternate page with proper canonical tag" in my search console. Please let me know what is the meaning of this "" kind of url? Does my original url has been recognised canonically as the above url? When I checked from yoast, the...
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    Sites ranked but no income - [help]

    I have a site which is rank on page 1 position 0 (schemas) and position 3 which is getting around 40 session per day. Bounce rate is good. (less than 20%) I added adsense auto ads few days ago. But it only earns 1 or 2 cents per day. It already has amzn affiliate links and get around 50 clicks...
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    No Amazon affiliate conversion

    Hello friends, After nearly 2 years, Few days ago I was able to rank #1 position for a some 5000/month search volume buyer intent keyword in the computer niche. Now I'm getting 50-60 clicks in my amzn affiliate account per day. But it did not make any sales at all. I dunno why even though I've...
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    recover site from $200

    My site got hit by 12th March update. It was ranking on the 1st page for 2,3 keywords. but now it has moved to 2nd and 3rd pages. Could not figure out the exact reason. Currently I have $200 which I can spend. What can I do to recover it?
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    Optimize url for 2 keywords

    Hello I have a post which was ranking on the 1st page for several keywords. But now it is not ranking on 1st page of none of them. (moving around 2nd - 3rd pages) With the new florida google update one keyword was moved to 10th page for that post. I noticed that keyword was not directly on the...
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    AMP plugin Help

    I installed AMP for WP plugin on my Wordpress website through the installation wizard (This is my 1st time working with AMP). I do want to know is there any thing I need to do apart from just installing and activating the plugin? Do google automatically identifies the AMP pages or do I have to...
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    Google Amp help

    Hello, I am planing to add google Amp to my website. I heard somewhere that adding google amp will reduce the backlinks for that site as it has a google url. So the links I build will not be visible for the amp page and they will not have any effect for that page. Is this true? Won't it cause...
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    Rank Math SEO vs WP 5 update

    One of my websites using Rank Math SEO plugin. In the last few days, it's rankings are decreasing. My site has been automatically updated to WP 5. Yesterday I updated Rank Math to the latest version. I have a doubt that my rankings decreased because of the Rank Math plugin old version had a...
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    Any Checklist to check site ranking loss

    One of my site's rankings decreasing heavily these days. Yet I could not find the reason. Is there any guide/checklist any one came across that a list of things I need to check in this kind of scenario?