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    Need your help choosing a 'basic' layout to my website

    hi guys I would like to knew your opinion about choosing theme to poker affiliate website. Do you think to this type of website better will be simple and fast theme like pokatheme or something more advance like mercury theme ? Firstly...
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    Problem with finding right wp theme

    hi guys I have a quick question. I need to find wp theme with vertical-left navbar and on the right will be generate content for each position on navbar asynchronous (for example: After click 'offer 1' on menu appears informations about this offer on the right side of the page without...
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    Successfull website with low DA

    Guys i would like to ask you about one thing. I found the website which have 0.4 Domain ranking 5 link websites and 41 backlinks and this website is always on the first site (usually top 3) in organic results in google on very competitive keywords. I try to check data about traffic for this...
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    low price for profitable website on flippa

    hey I would like to ask you are so much website sellers on flippa are scammers or there is some catch ? I'm asking because i see many websites for example with monthly profit 10k $ and price of such a website is something around 20-25k. Could you tell me guys are these websites providers are...
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    How can i find all keywords postion in serp for specific website

    Could you give me link to free website thanks to which i could check all keywords position in serp for specific url/domain (without entering keywords only by url/domain) in specific country ? I'm asking because i try to find such a website but always in result are websites where i need to write...
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    Use facebook account to post in multiple groups without beeing blocked

    hi I would like to use facebook account to post in 20-30 groups one or two different posts with my ref link / day. Could you tell me few things: 1. Where should i buy good quality account to this purpose ? 2. Do i need to buy one account or few to this purpose ? 2. How should i use this...
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    Tool/way to send post on multiple facebook groups

    hi I would like to ask do you know any tool or way to send 2 times a day post on 60 facebook groups and not beeing banned? I found something before with mailing to '[email protected]', but it seems it don't work. I would be very grateful for help
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    Start affiliate marketing from scratch

    Hello everyone My name is Michael and i'm new to your forum. I plan to start my adventure with making money online and have chosen a niche for affiliating poker rooms. I have a lot of experience in creating websites, so the technical aspect will not be a problem,I don't know much about...