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  1. l0m1S

    30k Ig acc (Who should i Follow)

    I have a 30k Well established electronic music nightclub promoter Ig acc currently following 0 people, i dont want people knowing who i really am so... I don´t follow my ¨real life acc¨, (maybe for credibility it could be nice) I don´t follow the nightclubs that i work with so they don´t see my...
  2. l0m1S

    Followliker Settings July 2017

    On first account i want to Follow and Like accounts related to some hashtag and also some account followers base. this is using the :FLC? On the other account i want to like photos from people that i already follow and also from people that might follow me.
  3. l0m1S

    Link Online for Whatsapp?

    Can anyone tell me, whats the best method to get people adding my cellhpone number on whatsapp and sending me a message?
  4. l0m1S

    New Facebook Link Group to Page

    You guys think this can help with engagement, i am not sure if i want to add my main group to my main page. Any Experience?
  5. l0m1S

    Newbie Fb Question

    Hi guys, so i manage 8 Fb acc 2 on each pc, one on incognito and the other on regular chrome- 1) My question is: is it worth it to like the same post with this accs to boost it or fb knows that i am on the same ip. 2) would it be the same if i have all the accs on the same pc but with...
  6. l0m1S

    Help with Facebook Page

    Hi i claimed a Facebook Page and they gave me admin, but: 1) I lost the location that a lot of customers used to geotag on insta and fb. 2) I cant message or get messages Why is that ? how can i fix it?
  7. l0m1S

    My journey to dominate my offline business is getting serious with IM!

    Hello BHW members, i have been around for almost a year on the forum, i am pursuing a Marketing Degree for about three years, and i am learning a lot more on the internet, thanks to many variables, i am pushing my offline business getting as much traction as i can from social media, so basically...
  8. l0m1S

    Manual follow/unfollow Method no Proxy question

    I ask this question because i like, working manually rather than bot, and also gives me more control and less risk on accs, now i want to push it to the limit and see if its worth it to get a second sim and phone, i have read of ppl working with 3 accs up to 5 acc on one phone, is it possible...
  9. l0m1S

    Update: One account, almost one year old all manually

    Here is the original post Hey some updates! .... [still doing all manually] : I am on 17K , the Ig account is almost a year old, good engagement and posting every day or two. From my initial 6 facebook acc...
  10. l0m1S

    Group Music DJ NIghtClubs Niche!

    Anyone out there on this NIche! wanna share ideas! ?
  11. l0m1S

    My competitors are scraping from me! (HELP!)

    Hi all, first sorry my english is a bit rusty, i am having some trouble with my local business competitors, i noticed with a friend that followed my account yesterday night, today he had request from two local business that are exactly like mine, does this means they are scraping from me?, i try...
  12. l0m1S

    Temp Ban, Time to cool down! -.-

    Hey guys i just got a temp ban for following last night, its my second temp ban in 6 months of a good grind:cool:, i would love to hear some experiences about temp bans, for example, can i go straight to unfollow right away and stay under de radar?, should i wait 12 hours?, some people say 24...
  13. l0m1S

    Join my instagram Journey From Argentina

    Hello, I ve been around for some time doing research, and i finally took some action to create some independence!:cool:, I manage to link my small Nightclub and Events PR Business ( i invite people and get paid if they are on my list) with IM FB and Whatsapp , what i have done so far is one...