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  1. sddk

    Amazon Associates Program for Health Niche

    Hi guys, I'm sure that many BHW members are promoting health and fitness products through Amazon associates program and through other networks, for that I'm asking: How are the CTR and commissions good compared to other health affiliate programs found on CJ and Linshare ... etc? Should I go...
  2. sddk

    Canonical Tag for duplicate content

    Hi guys, I have a directory in my website with many categories, that means a lot of listings to add The problem is that it takes a long time to create unique content about every listing, and for that I'm asking if I add content from the original website, for example a listing about Norton...
  3. sddk

    Using a domain name with a hyphen? Good or Bad?

    Hi guys, I have that domain name with two important words in my niche and which contains a hyphen in it (like: I don't know if it is a good idea to build and maintain a website with this domain name on a long term basis. What do you day guys?
  4. sddk

    My website without original content mostly.. is it bad?

    I have started a new website to promote some products, so I add descriptions and photos from my merchant's website (copy/paste) to create pages for public reviews. My question is: Will that affect negatively my website ranking in search engines? And what if visitors add reviews to these...
  5. sddk

    Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank account by direct deposit ?

    Hi guys, I wonder if I can fill out the direct deposit info by NOT adding my bank account details BUT a 3rd party bank account details, Because I want CJ to send my earned commissions to a payment processor, to add funds to my debit Master Card, Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank...
  6. sddk

    How to get paid via wires or direct deposit (ACH) from CJ ???

    Hi, We all know that CJ pays some affiliates (from a limited countries list) by ACH, others by checks :disappoin , I'm looking for a way to get paid from CJ by ACH or wires, because I hate to wait for checks ... Maybe there is a method provided by some payment companies by opening a...
  7. sddk

    Redirecting Visitors to the order page directly?

    Hi, Some of the offers that I want to promote does not have a landing page or a website. So, these vendors sell their products via a third-party website where I have to redirect my visitors using my aff. links to the order page that contains two parts: brief description and order form. My...
  8. sddk

    Can Url cloacking be detected ?

    Hi guys :) We know that Url cloacking/shortening services means masking your aff. link and showing others a new Url (by cloacking it).. so, and by letting the browser hide your real link .. I'm asking if Url cloacking can be detected by any of the tracking tools that the affiliate networks...
  9. sddk

    A problem with YT views, BAD conversions..

    Hi Guys :) I'm using YouTube to promote my CPA offers.. I get hundreds of views daily, but just some visitors visit my site, and the offers don't convert. Why people don't visit the website (address in video/description)? Why people don't take the offers (email submit/free trial..)...
  10. sddk

    Making $100/Day .. It was easy or difficult for you?

    Hi guys, I think that we have a lot of methods here about making $50-100+/Day.. But I ask about our members.. It was easy or difficult for them (especially active members) to make $100/Day? Participate and tell us :) Easy or difficult for you? How are you making money? and by...
  11. sddk

    How are you doing with YT?

    After some (or a lot of) success for many IMers in YT, and after many changes in this crazy site, YT became more difficult last months, more difficult for many many marketers... My 10,11 and 12 Aug, more than 10 videos, and more than 5000 views, with a free offer (email submit-free laptop-...
  12. sddk

    Is there something that bothers you or preoccupies you?

    I won't start any preaching here, but I want you to think about some facts in our world, facts related to us or not? .. try to find the answer .. see this pictures and tell us, what do you think?:
  13. sddk

    - Error-Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.. It's a problem-

    Hi Guys :) I have this problem in my PC, I'm using WinXP SP3 -updated-. Yesterday and suddenly, when I start IDM or open Winrar or any compressed files (rar, zip ..) Windows shows this error message: windows cannot access the specified device, path , or file. You may not have the...
  14. sddk

    GET A Special Picture BHW Member!

    Hi members! I found this website last days, it's very good to get super pictures for yourself. I think that all BHW members will like it! 1- Select an effect (sample). 2- Add your picture to edit it (they will delete ur pic after 2H). like this one 3- please...
  15. sddk

    Member! satisfied with your earning? or no money at all? but...why?

    Hi members, Today, Continuous posts on many sections in our BHW forums show us different members, different skills and different results ... Some guys are making a lot of money, others are making some dollars, and there is a part of members who can not make any money!!! But why are all...
  16. sddk

    How many hours you work on your computer? Are you thinking about your health?

    Hi members :) Nowadays, we spend many hours everyday with our computers, working, learning, watching, playing ... etc. In BHW forums, some members face the monitor for 8 hours, others 10 hours and some guys more than 14 hours !!! I think that we spend more hours than others, because the...
  17. sddk

    "Incentivized offers" exactly ???

    Hi members, What does mean Incentivized offers exactly? I read that it means giving visitors an incetivise (bonus, free ebook...). But what if the conversion was 1 email submit for each 3 visitors (33.33%) come from a landing page that encourages them to sign up (without any bonus...
  18. sddk

    Looking for CPA networks without TAXES

    HI members, Today, Many CPA networks require from all affiliates to fill W8-W9 tax form, to ensure that you're not from USA. and for you can pay taxes in your country... (azoog*leads, hydra*network...) For that, I'm looking for CPA networks without TAXES, I live outside US...
  19. sddk

    using proxy lists by a software ?

    Hi members, I want to use a software of proxies to change my IP location/country (I live outside US), a good software that can help me insert proxy lists to use them. So, I need it to change my IP to US/CA IPs, to promote my offers in CL, myspace ... because CL and myspace ignore my ads...
  20. sddk

    Are you with Moreniche !?

    Moreniche! a company with just some offers, any experiance with them? reliable? fast payment (wire transfer ..)? because I'm thinking about promoting Pro*actol with them What do you suggest? :)