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  1. djd33p

    Searching for a tool to automatically follow and unfollow after a few days.

    Gramaddict is the best Python based bot right now that can do the actions you want and more
  2. djd33p

    How to monetize instagram fitness page with 200k

    Open a Shopify/Woocommerce store and start dropshipping fitness products through Aliexpress
  3. djd33p

    [Content Journey] Investing $10 to Make $3000/M

    Been a big fan of your previous couple of journeys! Really rooting for you on this one too! Thanks for all the inspiration!
  4. djd33p

    real devices or emulator

    Everyone talking about Insomniac, try Gramaddict - Its way better, lesser bugs and completely free (dont have to pay to use filters)!
  5. djd33p

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    Lost positions on a lot of keywords. But like previous times, hoping to recover them back as the initial dust settles down. Too early to comment right now *fingers crossed*
  6. djd33p

    [Giveaway] Instagram Comment From A Verified (Blue check) Account

    Really interested, DMing you :)
  7. djd33p

    The Instagram Algorithm Explained by Instagram

    Found this posted on Instagram's official blog recently and I feel that it should make for a good read for users of this forum - Even if you think you knew it all, it still has some useful insights!
  8. djd33p

    Best automation bot?

    Try out one of the bots on GitHub that automate right on your phone. Automation on old API/EB based bots has become next to impossible.
  9. djd33p

    Safe IG bot/Automation options For Personal usage?

    This is the best advice given on this thread! Python based (free) bots on Github are the best bet currently
  10. djd33p

    I'm Rarely In The Mood To Write, But I Need To Write. How To Improve Myself?

    I struggle with this problem immensely as well. I'm decent at keyword research, technical SEO, learning new things, etc. and can do these for hours on end. But the moment it comes to writing content I get extremely lazy. I'll end up reading some motivational books or watching some motivational...
  11. djd33p

    Current Instagram follow limit

    Do you mean 200 follows + 200 unfollows or 100 follows + 100 unfollows each day?
  12. djd33p

    [Successful Journey] Scaling Amazon Affiliate from $1000/m to $10k

    Got through the entirety of all 57 pages of this gigantic value filled journey and here's a big hats off to you @Bloooop ! You sir are an incredibly driven individual and have given so many people here tons of value and inspiration. I wish you the very best in hitting your target soon...
  13. djd33p

    [POLL] Do you use the same TITLE TAG and H1? Or use LSI variations?

    I'd love to know the answers to this as well. I've recently started using LSI variations for Title and H1. Curious to know what others do/think of it.
  14. djd33p

    ★ [GUIDE] ★ Jump Links ➡️ The Secret SEO Weapon

    Just curious - how this is different from using a Table Of Contents plugin pointing to similar kind of sections in the article?
  15. djd33p

    Curious Questions About A Dead (Not Expired) Competitor Site

    Precisely what I had in mind. Back ordering that domain is a fantastic idea considering that it has a fair bit of authority going to absolute waste right now.
  16. djd33p

    Curious Questions About A Dead (Not Expired) Competitor Site

    This sounds like a really good plan too but wouldn't it be better if I posted that content on my already ranking site in the same niche instead of me competing against myself? I understand it's risky to post all that content on my money site but by the looks of it, that site owner seems to have...
  17. djd33p

    Curious Questions About A Dead (Not Expired) Competitor Site

    One of my competitor sites which was ranking for a lot of good low competition keywords in my niche has been dead (hosting expired) for atleast the last 3 months but the domain is still valid and not expiring till October 2021. I have managed to copy most of their posts using Wayback Archives...
  18. djd33p

    Google Broad Core Update December 2020

    Mine are still holding up *fingers crossed*
  19. djd33p

    What are you favourite SEO browser Add-ons?

    Keyword surfer for sure